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Powervibe Fitness Studio
Personal trainers in the heart of Notting Hill
Personal trainers in the heart of Notting Hill

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Power Plate - Is it worth it?

Back in April we had Stu Heritage from +The Guardian visit us to check out our Powerplate classes. One of the advantages is that you get an amazing full body workout in just 25 minutes! From the write up he gave us it sounds like he's a fan.

Checkout the full article in the link below and get in touch if you'd like to experience a full Powerplate workout.

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Getting back with the vibe

Exciting times here at Powervibe in Notting Hill as we're pretty much all finished with our brand new fitness studio on All Saint's Road. OK, so we actually moved in here a while ago but now the renovations are complete and we'll soon also be launching our brand new website. In the meantime, here's what we've been up to over the last few weeks.

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New studio, new team photo!

Although we've been at our new studio on All Saints Road for more than a few months now, we've been adding equipment and getting the place shipshape. To show things off we've had some photos done, so here's one of the team ... every one motivated to get fitter and healthier.

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Your Summer Food Guide

It's that time of the year when you don't feel like eating anything because of the heat. But to keep your system running fine, here's what you must include in your diet.

1. Fruit Juices - Ditch the soft beverages for something healthier. Instead of sipping on cola the whole day long, choose from a variety of seasonal fruits available during this time to keep you healthy and hydrated. From watermelon to oranges to grapes, there are so many fruits you can select from.

2. Salads - One of the best ways to keep you full during this season is by having lots of salad. High on energy, it keeps you going for a long time without making you feel heavy and tired.

3. Berries - High on antioxidants, blueberries are a great option for summers. It gives you the right amount of vitamin C that your body requires protecting you from a number of summer infections.

4. Avocadoes - They not only go in salads but can also be scooped out and eaten along with yogurt. They contain fiber, vitamin B5, B6, C, K, folate and potassium that protects you from harmful summer diseases.

5. Cucumbers - There's nothing cooling than eating a few slices of cucumber when you are feeling tired being in the sun for a long time. They are a great source of beta-carotene, magnesium, potassium which keeps you hydrated during this season.

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Hey, everybody has to start somewhere with daily exercise! Once you commit to it things will start to happen for you.

Thx for the funny gif +Praveen Kumar - gave us a good chuckle :)

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You have plenty of workout options available to you and a spinning class can help to build your fitness and burn fat in just 30 minutes.

Find out more here in a post from Ben, one of our personal trainers.

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Guys - here are 3 upper body exercises that one of our personal trainers Maykon highly recommends for increasing muscle power:

1. Plyometric Push-ups
2. Power Triceps dips
3. Side plank

Enjoy :)
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