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first post to google+. I only care about one thing, on what day will Google+ do a Facebook to facebook the way facebook facebook'd myspace? I only want COKE. not coke AND pepsi. also, how do you use this thing?
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Please oh please, let Google kill Facebook. Die Die Die Facebook!
yeah, how do you use this thing. I say its crap.
it may be crap but you can view your gmail and your social crap in the same area. i hope either google plus or facebook dies either one. just need to have 1 stupid social thing. or 0
If Facebook dies we all win and because we're early adopters on Google+, we look technologically-superior.

And may god help us all if Facebook doesn't die. 
So here we are a year later and Facebook is still alive unfortunately. Is anyone still using this?
not me!  well not much.  willing tho!
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