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Jeremy Pierce
Works at Eldest of Five - Social Media Branding and Marketing for Recruitment Companies - Getting clients to knock on your door by repackaging your knowledge and expertise, then getting the word out there. Manchester & London.
Attended University of Manchester
Lived in Manchester, UK
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Jeremy Pierce

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Facebook changes again. : )
Facebook Is Redefining Checkin Numbers for Pages
Don’t panic if your checkins on Facebook plummet in a few weeks. Facebook is changing the way it counts checkins, photo posts and multiple visits in a short period to a location.
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Jeremy Pierce

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Something I wrote for a friend - what LinkBait is, and why it matters. It's a fairly basic guide, but it's worth knowing if you've never heard the term. Basically - it does matter!
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Jeremy Pierce

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Why networkers are social media naturals.
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Jeremy Pierce

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So true! I have never heard of Sirona before now, but she makes a point that is so obvious it gets ignored.
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Jeremy Pierce

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First blog for Silven Interim. Off to a sweary start. 
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Jeremy Pierce

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Nice sentiment.
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Jeremy Pierce

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So true! : )
I just received this from a colleague in the recruitment world, sums it up quite nicely, don't you think!....
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Jeremy Pierce

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55% of HR directors believe social media is an ineffective recruiting tool
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Jeremy Pierce

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I commented on this (on the site) because it demonstrates the limits of social media as well as the strengths of social media. Their argument rings true for certain industries, but I think for most will miss the mark in terms of ROI for time invested.
Our guide to getting the most from Pinterest
Our guide to getting the most from Pinterest
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Jeremy Pierce

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A lot of great points, actually, if you have a few minutes definitely worth a look.

Tuesday I've been in a hangout on air talking about this subject with +Mike Elgan, +Chris Lang, +Brock Predovich & +Yifat Cohen hosted by +G+Decoded: Google+ Marketing Made Easy

It was a very interesting hangout and Mike had so many great points! You can see the recording here:

Because time didn't allow us, we did skip some important things. Here are a few ones that I also wanted to talk about:

Why Social Media by

1. Social Media builds community and engagement, which results in greater link building as content gets shared (the viral effect)
2. Social sharing presents opportunities for user generated links that are valuable in your SEO campaign off and on your owned properties
3. Social Media research contributes to greater understanding and insight for SEO research, improving the foundation of your campaigns
4. Increased social and SEO results leverage each other for greater visibility across social and search networks
5. Increased dual visibility increases subscribers, readers, content consumers, and ultimately targeted traffic contributing to even greater results across both
6. Search has (and will continue to) increase integration of social personalization from a users social connections, increasing opportunities for search positioning

Why use Google+ for Marketing

The new ripples, Google apps availability, What's hot section and the hangouts with extras are features that bring social conversion to the next level for Google Plus business pages and also more possibilities on Google+ to teach, learn, work, and play.

(as +Miguel Rodriguez said on +Media Tapper)

1. Time of the day when your target interest group is most active
2. The post “Time to live”. How the amount of comments and re-shares is distributed across the post life
3. Day of the week. People are more active over the weekends on social sites.
4. How many posts you make per day.

1. Your Follower Map - by +CircleCount & +Daniel Sandstein
2. Public Circles Database by +Siegfried Hirsch
3. Ripples
4. Average response per post (depending on the weekday/hour of the post) -,, by +Avinash Kaushik

Finding the right balance of social interaction and commercial promotion is critical in creating that connection, positively affecting other marketing initiatives such as SEO, and ultimately generating the next sale.

Google+ and SEO

Content shared by businesses and brands via Google+ is becoming more and more prevalent in search, in effect making an impact on overall search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. (Social Media + SEO = Leverage!)

1. Even Signed Out, Google+ Suggestions Offered
2. You have to be on Google+ to be a suggestion


Google wins by employing really smart Search Engine Optimization techniques – the same SEO practices available to any online business.

1. Incentivize Inbound Links
Google started displaying author photos in its search results. In order to display a photo, Google asks authors to add links from their webpages to their Google+ profile.

2. Internal Linking
One thing noted about Google+ when it was released was just how easy it was to be in lots of circles, or add lots of people to your own. People who struggled on Twitter for years to build up 1000 followers, suddenly found themselves in 2000 or 3000 Google+ circles, seemingly overnight.

3. Lots of Indexable Content
Google structures content to provide a wealth of information for search engines, to index and serve in search results. Compare: Facebook – 275 Words, Twitter – 491 Words, Google+ – 2621 Words

4. On-Page Optimization
Google+ makes it easy to share posts from others – a feature much like retweeting on Twitter or reblogging on Tumblr. These Google+ posts frequently show up in search results as their own entries. Also, Google wisely choose longer, more descriptive title tags.

5. User Generated Content
Every public post is crawled and indexed by Google search

6. Show Google+ Author Profiles in Search Results
The first 5 items on this list represent SEO tactics that anyone can use, but in a way #6 belongs to Google alone. By linking to Google+ profiles in search results, they create an advantage that no other social media service can duplicate.

GOOGLE+ and SEO - a guide by +AJ Kohn

Creative ways of using Google+

1. Bookmarking websites
2. Blogging platform - fast, easy, formattable and search engine optimized
3. Client Meetup Over Hangouts
4. Recruitment Interviews On Hangouts - organize a group discussion of up 20 people using hangouts
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Mancunian Social Media Branding and Marketing Consultant, and soon-to-be Dad.
Social media consultancy for recruitment companies - getting clients to come knocking. The way it works is this - if you're a recruitment consultant, headhunting firm, or recruiter in general, and you're NOT using social media, then we need to talk. 

You're missing out on a HUGE competitive advantage

I'm based out of Manchester and South London. Click one of the links on the left, and let me know where you're up to. Busy as I am, I'll give you a call, and we can talk about getting you more clients, and better candidates!

Anyway, that's not all I am. I used to be a corporate headhunter, though I did primarily deal in the high level interim market, in the Food and Drink Manufacturing FMCG industry. 

I also write, play guitar, and cook reasonably well. I don't sing, I rarely dance, and that's better for all involved. 

And some not involved. 

I'm passionate about copy, about writing, and I get excited by changes in social media and how it can empower businesses. That's sad, I know. 

I also have a baby coming! 

Here's my site for that social media / recruitment consultant / head hunter stuff -

Bragging rights
A few years ago I raised well over £11,000 for charity.
  • University of Manchester
    Politics and Modern History, 2005 - 2009
  • Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School VIth Form
    English Lit, English Language, History, Theatre Studies, 2003 - 2005
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Social Media Branding and Marketing Consultancy - I take your expertise, your wins, your knowledge, and make something valuable out of it - so clients and candidates come to you. We then use social media to publicise it. Based out of Manchester and South London
  • Eldest of Five - Social Media Branding and Marketing for Recruitment Companies - Getting clients to knock on your door by repackaging your knowledge and expertise, then getting the word out there. Manchester & London.
    Social Media Consultant, 2011 - present
  • Quantica Search & Selection (Manchester & London) - Social Media & Executive level interim management solutions to the Food and Drink FMCG market.
    Recruitment Consultant & Social Media - Interim Food & Drink FMCG, 2010 - 2011
  • Prime Time Recruitment - Commercial recruiter working on low level, hard to fill, low paying jobs.
    Recruitment Consultant, 2009 - 2010
  • Home fundraising - knocking on doors and raising money for charities. Getting chased by dogs.
    Door to door fundraiser, 2008 - 2009
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