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Great talk on using Node.js - both on server and clients - using a swarm of Amazon EC2 instances.

It'd be cool if there was a rear-facing camera on Glass, perhaps at the end of one of the eyeglass arms.  Then you could see what's behind you in the Glass viewer while seeing what's in front of you with normal sight.  Just a random thought...

How do you expect others to react to you wearing Glass?  I've heard the term 'Gargoyle', referring to the ability of Glass to record streaming video constantly.  Are people worried about wearing these in public with video recording turned on?  Tips / suggestions welcome.

BTW, if you haven't read William Gibson's book "Virtual Light", it might be a fun thing to read before getting your glass.  Amazing what he envisioned 20 years ago that's becoming reality now.

Just got my invite also.  So excited to see what we can create with glass!  Cell phone screens are so old school now... :-)

Very excited!  Glass will change how people interact with each other and the real world.  William Gibson's "Virtual Light" becoming reality.  Very cool.

#ifihadglass I would create mobile travel software that displays information for Lexington and Concord, MA as you walk around those towns.
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