+Rob Donoghue 's post about a different set of approaches for FAE has got me thinking. He proposed a list of somewhat negative sounding versions of the original approaches.

The idea I'm having is to take a good and a bad version of an approach and have them mirror each other. This would basically give you 2 sets of approaches for each character, one good, one bad. Each set would have to be balanced at character creation, meaning that if you have the good skill of the set high, the bad skill would have to be low. Let's say the sum of the two skills has to be 3. If we take something like sins and virtues, it could look something like this:

+2 Lust +1 Chastity
+1 Gluttony +2 Temperance
+3 Greed +0 Charity
+1 Sloth +2 Diligence
+0 Wrath +3 Forgiveness
+2 Envy +1 Kindness
+3 Pride +0 Humility

So, where am I going with this? Honestly, I'm not sure, I just found the idea interesting and thought it might have potential. One idea that came while writing, would be to make the deliberate choice to use an approach from the other side if the numerical value is higher. It would be a version of "success at a cost", but the cost would be the way you handle the situation. If you wanted to fight someone using wrath above, you could choose to go for forgiveness instead. Or in a scene where humility is required, you could go with your pride. It would change the scene quite a bit, since you'd have to make do with the opposite of what would be appropriate for the scene, but that's what would make it interesting.

So what do you think? Is this something that could work? Maybe not like this, but generally. Not even with the sins/virtues, but with another approach dichotomy, maybe. Like I said, this is not really worked out, but I liked the general idea, and I wanted to see if some of you could take it somewhere.
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