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Hello all!

I have just a question that sounds stupid...
I am trying to take moon pictures and from what I understood, I need 

* low aperture for higher details
* 100 or 200 ISO as the moon is bright
* Shutter speed is variable with other parameters
* highest zoom, of course

Big problem is that I cannot configure together Aperture, ISO and Shutter speed.

If I use mode A (Aperture priority) or S (Shutter prioriority) , the other settings cannot be set manually and are automatic

If I set to manual some settings disappear...

Have you found a mode where you can modify independently all these parameters?
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Timothy Ginger

General Discussion  - 
Hello all,

I have just a question regarding these slides.

I have used the font:family attribute to display textViews with beautiful Holo font.
Unfortunately, I still have Spinners and Number pickers that looks very bad with the "old" fond.

Is there a simple way to set the same font to the other widgets? Overriding the Adapter and using setFont would just be crazy...

#AndroidDesign #ADiA

In today's Android Design in Action, +Nick Butcher, +Adam Koch and I covered iterative improvements, or incremental visual design tweaks that can transform your UI from zero to hero. More specifically we took the following incremental steps:

1) Added the Holo theme and action bar, dropping the legacy menu button and showing actions onscreen
2) Added a branded color scheme and app icon, cleaning up the action bar and introducing an accent color throughout the app
3) Added proper use of whitespace with margins and element spacing
4) Tweaked the treatment of thumbnails to provide better visual alignment
5) Made better use of typography to convey visual hierarchy and reach an overall more abeautiful aesthetic
6) Added swipe views to allow quick navigation across detail views, to avoid pogo-sticking
7) Added a multi-pane UI for tablets
8) Optimized metrics for tablets using nothing but XML (dimension resource and layout tweaks)
9) Added rich notifications and allowed selection of article body text

Phew! We actually coded up a prototype app this time around, instead of doing everything in Photoshop. Step 7 was especially satisfying — all we basically did was File > New > Android Object > MasterDetailFlow.

And we even shared some developer tips throughout, so that developers didn't feel left out with all the hand-wavy design talk.

As usual the slides from today's show are attached, and you can catch the recording on YouTube here: Android Design in Action: Iterative Improvements

Thanks, and Happy 2013!
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Wonderfull close-up to.
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I love the last picture (the spider)
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Have him in circles
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Here are the photos used in my blog for today featuring two birds captured using Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200
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Pics by +Edwin Matias 
Just enjoy the superzoom :-p
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Have you already tried the 120FPS video mode on the FZ200?
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