Just a quick update. It's been a few days and you guys might be wondering wtf I've been doing. Well, long story short, I've been fighting with the +Zero-K Mission builder. It's really great, but in some ways it has some quirks.

One of those quirks is that it wouldn't load the Evo maps properly. So, I started a great crusade to move all Evo maps over to a newer format. It's extremely time consuming but it's definitely a good thing to be doing. I also abstracted the map feature assets so that feasibly Evo maps could work with +Zero-K for example.

Slight problem The mission builder refuses to load them properly (still). My best guess is that it doesn't understand how to read lua information files (newer map format). I'm waiting on Quantum (the creator) to get back with me about it.

Work on SASI as a mission launcher is progressing and I've made some progress on working out a story arc that doesn't suck for the campaign. I'm also overhauling the Desura install.

When the next update comes, it'll be a pretty important one.
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