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Hypnosis Training To Help You Live Your Dreams?

This title sounds like one of those really cheesy headlines for money making schemes that you see on the internet and are designed to part you and your money, leaving you with little to show for it, huh?
People do have dreams though, and part of the reason that those get-rich quick schemes suck people in is because many of you are not living the life that you want to. Perhaps materially you are dreaming of a bigger, house, car or more holidays during the course of a year. Ultimately though, what you are looking for is lead a life that you find fulfilling. That’s how you really live your dreams.

Nonetheless, there are many possible explanations in the material world for not doing so, or unlocking your full potential, but it usually all boils down to one key point.

And that point is that is a lack of harmony between your subconscious mind and your conscious wishes. The father of Hypnosis, Milton Erickson, said that the primary goal of Hypnosis is to bring the conscious and subconscious minds into rapport or alignment, and the reason for that is so your life flows, and as you want it to…then you start to live the life of your dreams more easily.

Life is quite simple in many ways really. You set an intention, or a goal, and then you achieve it. The only thing in between you and it is the resistance that comes up in between and usually that’s something to do with a limiting belief or some other kind of block that you have that is invariably buried in the recesses of your subconscious mind and only comes out to play when you try and achieve that fresh intention.

By using hypnosis, which is simply a relaxed state of focus awareness, you start to develop that rapport that Erickson’s talking about with your subconscious, your bring those limiting beliefs into conscious awareness, and then you start to chance, or release them and the control they have over your and the direction your life is heading.

Hypnosis is rarely an instant fix, though it’s quicker than many other similar forms of therapy, and usually works best over a series of sessions. That’s where hypnosis training comes in very handy. You learn the process both for you, and for others, and what’s more you get to experience several hypnosis sessions for you during the course of your training that help you to start releasing those blocks.

My next Certificate in Hypnosis Training Course starts in a beautiful venue in Chalfont St. Giles, Bucks (which is on the Metropolitan line and close to M25) on the 18th April 2018 and runs for five days. It’s a fully accredited course with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (and very few other certificate courses can genuinely claim this) and there are even a couple of residential spaces if you are coming from further away.

To find out more contact me, Doug Buckingham, on

Phone: 07979 750291


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Sugar Free You?

The benefits of removing sugar from your diet can be dramatic …in a good way.

However it is not always an easy road to take successfully.

Emotionally, many people experience a real roller-coaster when they Stop Eating Sugar. This is because the sugar is coming out of their system and when we give up anything that our system is used to, then there are often cravings/withdrawal symptoms. That emotional upheaval that many experience when they stop eating sugar is often the reason why they go back to sugar. Remember, though, that sugar is highly addictive!!

On a practical level level, sugar is in some many foods, and food and drinks with added sugars are everywhere, especially at this time of year.

Sugar of course occurs naturally in many foods. The problems arise when we add sugar to food and drinks and when we consume fizzy sodas and confectionery products that contain more sugar than our bodies can safely process. Many experts now believe that sugar poses a huge danger to health in modern society. Calories rich in sugar are 11 times more likely to cause type 2 diabetes than general calories.

Sugar is the single biggest cause of obesity.
Sugar is the single biggest cause of tooth decay and tooth loss. It literally rots your teeth.
And many people are starting to realise that Sugar is a sweet-tasting poison.

The good news is that using hypnosis can make the whole process to stop eating sugar that bit easier. Hypnosis helps you to reprogamme your subconscious mind that bit more easily and that bit more quickly.

Consciously you may know it makes good sense to stop eating sugar now, however there are often programmes running in your subconscious mind that make that freedom harder to achieve. Hypnosis can help with that!

Out of of all of the Life Enhancing Audio Recordings on my site, this is my best seller, and many people who buy it report back various tales of “liberation from the sugar monster”

You can pick up a copy of the Life Enhancing recording “Sugar Free Me” on my website here

or download through my App “Hypnosis for Transformation” – available on Apple and Android (go to right hand side of page)
make yourself a Sugar Free You a reality now!

Love & blessings
Sugar Free Me
Sugar Free Me
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If you have a crystal calling, then you are not alone. The use of crystals dates back as far as there are records of history itself and today crystals are an endless source of fascination to many people of different ages, walks of life and cultures.

Some people are attracted to crystals as objects of beauty, others because they like the feel of them both on their person, in their hands and perhaps in their home. This attraction is often subconscious as humankind has been working and walking with crystals since the year dot, and we all have more to discover within ourselves about the magic that crystals can weave within our wonderful selves.

Crystals can help to change the energy of person, a situation and especially a home as they have something a little bit special about them in terms of the vibration that they bring. Whilst crystals have a little bit of magic about them, it is also worth remembering that science places great store in crystals for they have been used in clocks, watches and computers and any other appliances that keep time for many decades.

I am running an introductory Crystal Healing Workshop on Saturday 3rd December and during the day we will be working with a number of techniques to help you to understand and integrate some crystal magic into your life. Whether you are a complete novice, know a little about crystals or have worked with them for a while, this crystal healing workshop offers you opportunities to expand your knowledge, intimacy and comfort when working with these wonderful tools for healing. Advance investment saves you £9 on the ticket price.

Your crystal may have already extended to the sonic delights of crystal bowls and crystal pyramids. Whether yes or know, you might be interested to know that I am running a Crystal Sound Evening in the quite delicious energy of Violet Hill Studios in St. Johns Wood, London the night before on Friday 2nd December from 7,30-8.30pm – advance investment saves you a fiver on the night

If you have a crystal calling of some description, then I hope to see you at one of these events!

love & blessings

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I am delighted to say that my Life Enhancing Audio "Journey to a Positive Past Life" is having lovely results with quite a few people now. If you are drawn to this rather fabulous area of past life exploration, then this CD is a gentle and simple way to start exploring a little more. With a clear intention to investigate only positive past lives this can be a highly rewarding process that positively impacts the here and now...

Kat was someone I bumped into "quite randomly" a few months ago on holiday and she had this to say about it...

"Never believed in this stuff until I randomly met Doug a few months ago, had a hypnosis session and then a regression and now this is blowing my mind even more. I am just thinking there is limitless potential for humanity, after listening to this and realising there is limitless potential for me. Great." Kat, New York.

whereas Angela has been searching in this area for some time

"This is the first one of these past life recordings that have worked for me, and as an avid seeker in this area, I have probably tried them all. I think one of the main things that worked was that the Introduction explained more than in other recordings I have listened to, and that gave me a couple of simple understandings that I hadn't had previously. Then the voice, which really worked for me. And that seems to be important for this kind of thing, and Doug has a great voice for Hypnosis and Regression. " Angela W., London.

Whoever you are and wherever you are, if this is for you, then it is available as an mp3 download or a CD through my website. (note it's not available on my App "Hypnosis for Transformation" due to size limitations).

And if you're a wholesaler, then yes, I am willing to discount the price of the CD for a multiple purchase, as I've done a few times already :-)

Love & gratitude
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Routine is the Route IN!
“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”

Muhammad Ali

You live in a culture of immediacy and immediate gratification! If you really want something and assuming you have some funds or a credit facility of some kind, then you can go online and buy it, whether its food, clothes, stationery or anything else you care to name. More often than not it will arrive in the post or by courier in the next few days. You want information, then you turn on a computer or your phone and there it is… etc. I could continue with examples, though I am sure you get the point. That is how the world is, and many aspects of that are of course very helpful.
However, every aspect of you does not function in this way. In fact, far from it, and for those conditioned to something happening now, that can present a problem when it comes to making changes on a personal level.

The body learns behaviours through muscle memory over a period of time, you learn processes through repetitive learning and in short you store a lot of your daily, regular functioning in the subconscious parts of you as you do that. Within your subconscious there are a serious of habits, behaviours, thought forms, emotional responses and more that come together to make up your own personal programming. You a creature of many different programmes (whether you like that thought or not) and when it comes to making a change, that culture of immediacy does not have the same sway to affect change within your subconscious. Unravelling an old pattern and establishing a new one takes longer than simply pressing a different button to make change.

For example, you decide to start thinking a fabulous new thought to replace an old dysfunctional one and to start bringing positive improvements into your life. Perhaps “I can do it” replaces “I cannot do it” for a particular circumstance in your life.

It might be that the new thought changes your life there and then, however it is much more likely a repeated thinking of that thought (plus something extra) are likely to change your life as you find yourself thinking it, feeling it and “doing it” over a period of time.

Scientists are now able to prove what most of us in the self-improvement / spiritual / energy / whatever world have known for a while. That a new thought establishes a new neural pathway, however it is only the repetition of that thought on an ongoing basis that makes that new neural path fully established…or almost. The something extra that I referred to in the previous paragraph is the emotion that comes with the idea of that new thought becoming permanent in your reality. The emotion of establishing the new thought is necessary to create profound and permanent change, partly because we need to feel it to make it more real and partly because we need to use as many of our senses as possible when creating our future (i.e. more than simply visualising it)

Once the thought that creates, and the emotion that generates are in place, and other senses are thus engaged, then effectively your energy system has changed, the new reality established, and different circumstances start to happen in your life. In our hypnosis and regression courses, I call this future creation and it is an integral part of our hypnosis course and how successful hypnosis sessions manifest. Do this routinely and regularly and your world changes. It is as simple as that.

Hypnosis is a powerfull way to effect new patterns in your life, though contrary to what a lot of people seem to think, it is not a wave of a hypnotist’s magic wand in a single session that does the trick. Instead it is a combination of what happens over a series of sessions that take place, or perhaps repeated listening to the recordings from that session or more than likely both of those that will help you shift you from A to B, combined with your positive intention to initiate change for you.

I am getting a lot of positive emails and comments from people who are committed to helping themselves and are doing so by using my App “Hypnosis for Transformation” . Those comments have increased since I published a blog article about a lady who had seriously benefitted from repeatedly listening to the free recording “Gratitude” and got amazing results. Gratitude rather than gratification is the motto!

You may prefer the words “Dedication”, “Self-Nurture”, “Commitment” rather than “Routine” when you thinking about your own personal self-development, and that is fine of course. Whatever words, whatever process, whatever tools you need to work with are all fine, so long as you are prepared to sit down and regularly help yourself to do what you need to do for you.

Whatever you do, a form of “Routine to be the Route IN” is very likely to be a necessary key to you making permanent, powerful change for you, and there are many ways to do that.

Sometimes change does happen in the blink of an eye (exactly like Buddha said). During our Transformational Regression Training course last week one of our course participants, Zena, gained remission and significant freedom of movement for what had previously been a severely arthritic wrist for a few years. It happened within a single 2 hour session and the results of that over the next few days were a joy to behold as well as a powerful testament to the efficacy of regression.

In her words “…my wrist is now fabulous, I have the occasional twinge, but apart from that, I have my life back…something as simple as being able to turn my door key and not enter the house fighting back tears. You performed a miracle.”

You could speculate that something of that magnitude might be a result of the self-development work that she has carried out on her own well-being over the years rather than the specifics of that session, but who really knows. Probably both is the actual answer.

Even with what was effectively quite a “miraculous” healing in the regression, Zena still took the time to focus on her new thoughts and the associated positive emotions for the next few days while the changes were taking place and really integrate it i.e. she reinforced the new routine once she had discovered the Route IN.

I hope you find your own route in too.

Love & blessings

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Crystal Bowl Water – The Best Drinking Water

It’s quite simple how to make #CrystalBowl Water – the best Drinking water on the Planet!

All you need to do is to take one #crystal bowl (this one happens to be heart chakra – F note),

make sure it is physically clean – crystal bowls do attract a lot of dust so it’s useful to rinse them. I often put my collection in the shower for a few minutes and then in the sun for a few minutes more to dry them out.

Plus – one bottle (glass) containing tap water

Plus – a positive intention to enhance the energy and vibration of the water…et voila!!

I like to sound the bowl for a couple of minutes, but intuitively you feel like doing shorter/longer, go with what feels right.

More on
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Reiki reduces stress, improves relaxation and promotes well-being and balance on all levels. It is a method of natural #healing which enables Universal Life #Energy (the meaning of #Reiki in Japanese), to be given through the practitioner. The practitioner will use their hands to direct the energy to the client’s body using the #chakra system.

Reiki works on all levels: the physical, psychological, emotional, and or spiritual. It can be administered as a hands-on or hands-off treatment, with the client either seated or lying down. The client is always fully clothed.

It naturally gives relief to and breaks down #stress. A build up of stress is very often the cause of many diseases. As a result Reiki also contributes to the client strengthening their immune system.

Reiki is a very powerful yet subtle and non-intrusive form of energy healing. It is about clearing and enhancing energy in line with the needs of our bodies and bringing the body, #mind and #spirit back into balance. Reiki energy is only positive and cannot do anything harmful.

One session or more of Reiki will generally help with most conditions, however regular sessions work well as a preventative (rather than curative) measure and lead to a healthier, happier life.

More on
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Shine #light into the depths of you
And much can emerge from your #consciousness
Embrace it all, even the darkest depths, and know that the light
In the very deepest part of you
Will shine that bit brighter every day
When you can accept all that is you
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Certificate in Hypnosis in Bucks HP8 4SH

The Foundation Level #Hypnosis course offered by Cara – the Centre of Transformation and Empowerment has been Assessed and Accredited at Foundation Level by the General #Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK). Successful graduates are eligible for registration with the General Hypnotherapy Register (the GHSC’s Registering Agency) at Affiliate Status.

This is a non-residential Hypnosis Training UK course. The training is suitable for people with a passion and/or curiosity for this area, either for those without prior knowledge of other therapies, or experienced therapists and professionals who would like to add hypnosis to their skillset, and for those that wish to use this as a stepping stone to the Diploma in #Transformational #Regression Training (#TRT).

The Hypnosis training UK content includes:

Understanding the history and phenomena of hypnosis.
Ethics, client contra-indicators, safe practice & current legislation
Client information gathering before and at the start of the session.
Client interviews, building client rapport & managing expectations
Working with measurable symptoms
Working with indirect and direct principles of hypnosis
Signs and phenomena of hypnosis
Rhythm and voice control when using hypnosis
Different inductions styles and when to use them
Confusion induction and working with analytical clients
Hypnosis deepening methods and depth assessment
Ideo motor responses and use of a pendulum for independent checks
Anchoring resource states
Working with hypnotic suggestions: direct, indirect, presuppositions, post hypnotic and embedded commands
Understanding and using metaphors
Introduction to other applications of hypnosis including smoking cessation, #confidence building and #relaxation techniques.
Future creation with clients & the power of positive words/mindsets
Awakening clients from #trance
Producing self-hypnosis mp3’s and CD’s / Case Study Reports
Energy management techniques for grounding/protection
Knowledge of working with clients at this level & when to refer on
Client record keeping and ongoing CPD
Business planning, insurance, professional fees.
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Stop Smoking!

Now is always the right time to stop smoking for good. With the price of a packet of cigarettes in the UK today, it’s a very financially lucrative decision to make right now!

If you are a 20-a-day smoker and your brand is Malboro Lights then you will find yourself with over saving over £250 a month or over £3000 every year once you Stop Smoking.

And that’s before you even think about the most important consideration – the improvement to your own health and well-being when you stop!

Find the solution here:

#StopSmoking   #Smoking   #Hypnotherapy  
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