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Not sure if everyone gets the same "What's hot" stuff or if it's tuned to Google's idea of what pisses me off. But this just corroborates my earlier complaints about the 'unlimited' data plan and throttling. We (unlimited users) use very close to the same amount of data as the limited data users... The median monthly data usage by the top 5% of AT&T unlimited data users is at 3.07 GB, compared with the top 5% for their limited data at 2.54GB (Verizon btw had almost no difference between the groups). Check out the article for the rest of the details.

AT&T's relatively recent policy of throttling 'heavy' users with unlimited data plans is a complete bait and switch. The policy is simply "We will throttle the top 5% of data users on the unlimited plan."

At first this seems almost reasonable when they claim that these top 5% use massive amounts of data. You would also think that these people MUST be using well over the 3GB/month you get for $30. At least that is what I thought. But back in December I started getting text messages from AT&T saying I was one of those 5%'ers. I dismissed it at first, thinking that recently enabling iCloud had resulted in a big one time usage that put me over and that in the future I'd be completely fine. But I did take the precaution of resetting my usage statistics so I could know for sure.

I have continued to get the messages and can now confirm that being in the top 5% of data users with unlimited plans requires LESS THAN 3GB/month of data usage. The reason should be clear. If their policy is to throttle the 5%'ers, then every month that threshold will get lower and lower.

My "unlimited" data plan gets throttled before I even reach the standard limited plan cutoff. I don't even use Netflix or anything, so much for that ever being practical.

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Apparently my 29th birthday will be the end of the world. Makes sense, never thought I'd make it to 30 any way. I guess the Mayans knew it too.

And... the Southwest airlines customer service number is off the hook. Great... I feel thoroughly 'serviced'.

First day actually using my new motorcycle to get to work. Only stalled once! And I have an excuse for that. It likes to slip into neutral if you don't keep the shift lever pressed until the clutch is fully let out, and this gets a little problematic when starting from a stop.

Friends who know things about motorcycles: Have you heard of this problem before?

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The future is awesome!

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Louise and Melissa's wedding was legen... Wait for it...
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Driving through a big cloud of ash on the way to a good friend's wedding. Oklahoma is on fire!

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'Do you have maple syrup?'
'Yep, it's right there on the table'

Oh hell no


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In 108 degree weather, there is a line wrapping around the Coach store at OKC's new outlet mall. Oklahomans, we love to buy shit.
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