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Ken Sharp
Just a guy in a place
Just a guy in a place

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Building a workbench without a workbench
I've been learning to use hand tools and I've quickly realized that a good work bench is essential.  With power tools, like a table saw or drill press, the tool itself often supports the wood.  But with hand tools you must have something to support the wood...

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Things I've learned about the lowly block plane
As part of my workbench bench, I've been planing some end grain after making crosscuts on boards. The usual tool for this job is the often overlooked block plane. It turns out that it's pretty hard to plane edge grain well! The problem is that when planing ...

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A free band saw
Thanks to my wife's keen eye on our neighborhood message board, I just scored a FREE band saw.  It seems that someone was cleaning out their garage and just wanted to get it out of their ASAP.  It's a Craftsman 12" band saw from the 80s. Check out the pictu...

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Sharpening old tools
If you thought, based on the title of this post, that I'd be discussing refreshing some previously learned skills, you may be disappointed.  Instead I'll actually be showing off how I sharpened some vintage woodworking tools. I've recently been re-discoveri...

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LabVIEW for BBB and RPi Internals: Yocto, chroot, and other strange words
I recently helped create a toolkit to allow running LabVIEW VIs on a BeagleBone Black (BBB) or Raspberry Pi 2 (RPi2) .  In this post I'd like to get into some of the technical challenges we encountered along the way. SamK, the author of the LINX toolkit, to...

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Introducing LabVIEW support for Raspberry Pi 2 and BeagleBone Black
For the last 6 months, a friend and I have been working on a really cool project, and now I can finally talk about it. We've always wanted a way to use LabVIEW to program the amazing Linux-based maker devices like the Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black.  It ...

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Creating a customized image for BeagleBone Black or Raspberry Pi
Recently I wanted to create a customized image for a Raspberry Pi.  Basically, I just wanted to download a stock Raspbian image, install some software, change a few configuration settings, and then put it back together just as I'd gotten from the original i...

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Controlling flow through a wort chiller, part 2
Continuing my series of posts with boring-sounding names, I've got more results from my wort chiller pump.  Last time I was trying to control the flow through the wort chiller such that I can ensure that hot wort gets cooled to a reasonable temperature by t...

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Controlling flow through a wort chiller, part 1
Now it's time to start putting together my last two experiments in order to control how quickly the wort flows through the chiller.  This will hopefully allow me to control how quickly and efficiently the wort is chilled. I've added a stainless steel rackin...

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First experiments with a glass wort chiller
The reason I was messing around with vacuum pumps in my last post is so I can pull wort through a new type of chiller.  Now that I've got the pump part somewhat figured out, I did some work on the chiller part. Unfermented beer (wort) needs to be boiled and...
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