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Biomedicine is my education, Man United, Android and Batman are my passions.
Biomedicine is my education, Man United, Android and Batman are my passions.

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2016 Mobile Industry Consumer Survey - Results

Exactly a month ago I created a short survey asking a few questions about consumer trends with regards to mobile technology. I’ve shared all the data below in graphic format, and I’ll summarise the results of each question as well. In case you’re wondering, I received just over 1000 responses for this survey, but there’s no breakdown on demographics of the respondents.

Most people just use one smartphone
This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I still asked the question anyway since I know some people still like to dual-wield. Either one for work and one for personal use, one for tinkering and one for a daily driver, or one for Android and one for iOS. Only 28% of respondents use more than one smartphone, while everyone else just uses one.

75% of respondents purchased their phone off-contract
In most places outside of the US I would assume off-contract purchases are the norm. With phones being sold unlocked, people can purchase phones from any third-party retailer, or even directly from the OEMs and use their phones on any carrier of their choosing. I’ve been led to understand that people in the US are just only realising the benefits of unlocked devices, and these results seem to support that.

More people use prepaid sim cards
This is surprising to me. I was always under the impression that teens or young adults used prepaid sims, while adults use postpaid sims. That was my reality growing up. But the results of this survey indicate that more people use a prepaid sim compared to a postpaid sim.

”Other” is the third most popular smartphone brand
Samsung is first, Google (Nexus and Pixel) is second, but third is “other”. I listed every major brand I could think of, but they all lost out to this compilation of “other” brands.

Software over everything else
Processor, RAM, camera, battery life, build quality, display, they all come after the software. 80% of respondents chose software as one of the most important factors when purchasing a smartphone. Android or iOS, stock or skinned. These are the first decisions consumers make when deciding what phone to buy.

Most phones are less than a year old
The majority of respondents (58%) have owned their current smartphone for less than a year, and only 16% of phones have been owned for more than two years. Smartphone sales have slowed down recently, but I guess that’s proof that the smartphone industry is still the biggest sector of consumer electronics.

Gaming and fitness are the least popular uses of smartphones
Communication, social media, and productivity are among the top uses for smartphones according to the respondents, but gaming and fitness tracking are the least popular uses. I myself enjoy playing games on my phone just to pass the time, but it’s not one of my main uses either.

Naked isn’t the way to go
I don’t have any protection on my smartphone. No case, no screen protector. Just a dbrand skin. But the majority of respondents do have some form of protection.

Smartwatches still aren’t mainstream
A whopping 79% of respondents don’t own a smartwatch. I wonder if smartwatches will share a similar fate as tablets. In any case, of the 21% who do own one, the majority run Android Wear.

Tablet use is right down the middle
Speaking of tablets, half of respondents still use one, even though OEMs have all but abandoned the form factor. 70% of those who own a tablet, own one running Android.

That concludes the results of this survey. I was hoping for more responses, but I guess people just don’t like taking surveys. Even those that take less than a minute. Either way, hope you find the results interesting. Of course this doesn’t represent the global market, but I still found it interesting nonetheless. 
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Small update for the Google Camera app. 

The word "aid", as in assistance or help, can be classified as a mass noun, which means it doesn't require a plural form. You can say "give aid to people" and it will be understood that it is plural. So to the person who wrote the public service announcement I heard on the radio this morning, which said you wanted to "give aids to people", go fly a kite. 

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A long time ago I wrote a post criticising Samsung for still using physical navigation buttons with a reversed (back key on the right) layout. After the most recent leak [2] showed that Samsung will still keep the back button on the right despite making the switch to software navigation keys (about damn time), one of the all-time great Android debates has been brought back to life.

I voted on the left of course, the way Google intended it, and 78% of voters agreed thus far.


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Dark theme in Telegram with a matching SwiftKey theme. Looks pretty sweet, and works great at night so you aren't blinded by a lot of white.


#Telegram #SwiftKey 

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Video of the Day - 21st February: Lunch crowd

At the Faculty of Dentistry during lunch hour.

Previous video:

#VidOfTheDay #Nexus6P 

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Not enough Snapchat in your life? In addition to Instagram, you can now experience the "Snapchat life" in WhatsApp.

Why? Who knows.

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I don't know if this (if it happens) will be marketing genius, or just cringe worthy.

#LG #G6 

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Theme support is now live in Telegram! Android and desktop only at the moment, iOS will get it soon. 

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Josh Gad isn't done interrogating Daisy Ridley for Star Wars info. He even recruited a team of celebrities to help him out.


#StarWars #TheLastJedi 
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