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"I saw dozens of peaceful protesters violently choked, stomped on, and beaten with night sticks. I saw police wantonly beat retreating protesters trying to escape. I saw a woman get sent to the hospital after police brutally beat her and left her seizing on the ground. I saw the first broken window of Occupy Wall Street; ironically, it came from police smashing it with a peaceful protester's head. Coming on the heels of recent reports of police infiltration and monitoring of the Occupy movement, it was a chilling vision of what democracy looks like in America."
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And, again, police officers illegally claiming that people holding video cameras -- outside of the target area -- are not allowed to document any of it.
Inbuilt brutality in Humans, untamed by Civilisation and culture, misplaced sense of Duty!
I am so sad by all of this . . . in my country in Asia, we think of America as a free, independent country, democratic and the very symbol of wealth and power. But to read this, and the reports about the Occupy Wall Street movements. . . simply shows that our dream country is in fact nothing more than fragments of our own imagination.
I just wrote an awesome essay abou the occupy movement and shamed everyone in my class! score one for the akward child!
People best wake up. This is no longer the land of the free.
I've seen thousands of peaceful protesters ostracized, marginalized, and attacked ad hominem. I've seen so-called journalists deliberately misrepresent them and portray them in a negative light. I've seen politicians imply that peaceful protesters had been infiltrated by subversive elements bent on sowing mindless dissent. I've seen celebrities belittle them and make fun of them. These things were chilling.

I'm talking about the Tea Party.
It seems to be the ignorant and the privileged who marginalize and polarize issues such as this the most. It is a shame so many in this country see what divides us as opposed to what unites us. What makes us any different than the Arab countries? We all need shelter, water, fire and food. May we all live for peace, love, joy, and purpose.
The health system penny-wise pound-foolish. And I'm sick & on disability. Can't go to the hospital, because there is nothing they can do for me. Can't go to the doctor, unless I want to get on a plane, because there are no doctors in all of New England that treat my health problems. That's because the government & industry spend less than $.12 on researching a cause & cure for my disease & they've found nothing in the 26 yrs I've been sick. However, I've been on disability for 15 yrs & get $1000+/mo in disability & the majority of the people w/ my disease wind up on disability. Imagine how much money would be saved if they spent the money on curing diseases instead of warehousing us. But we make lots of money for the drug companies. Do the drugs work. No, but we'll try them for a while & there is always somebody new getting sick.
Penny-wise pound-foolish for the american people, but money making for corporations.
So, what you're saying, as long as inequality in the USA isn't as bad as inequality in Bangladesh or China, we should just suck it up?
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