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Ian James
Works at disabled following industrial injury
Attended Cranfield University
Lives in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
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Ian James

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To those who support breed specific laws, your so ,so wrong...The problem is BAD IGNORANT OWNERS.
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Ian James

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Hi can people spread this petition please, its not on the normal sites that attract big numbers.....
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+Ian James
Good idea. I'll do that.

I'm really curious to know why a petition org would require phone number.
Anyone know?
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Ian James

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Sodding government trying to mess with the BBC again... This would mean less or even no advert free quality children programmes.

As a product of listen with mother and watch with mother, this assault is tantamount to sacrilege
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Ian James

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Can I please ask people to sign up on this.   I'm personally affected by these changes and cuts......  I'll loose my lower rate of carers allowance under this scheme.  

Currently needing help to dress upper and lower bodies have the same weighting.    Under this new scheme.  You get 8 points if you need help with both points if you need help with upper body, but only 3 points if you need assistance with dressing the lower portion.  (which I do)  .

Also hygiene is taking a hit, basically if you can rub a sponge over your chest you can wash yourself.. I need help with my lower body .

I'll lose twenty pounds or so a week.   Which supplements my daughters income as she is my carer.   She already looses out on parts of a social life.  Works irregular hours to fit things in.

I paid National Insurance for many years up until and industrial injury. 
My income dropped for £600 a week to £108 plus £21 carers allowance.   My pension fund is buggered.   Thats £3.22 an hour equivalent.  I do not recieve housing benefit, and py my own bills.

If you crashed your car today, would you accept a second hand fiat 500 from your insurance company as a replacement for your car..

Thats what Iain Duncan Smith and his scumbags want.  A return to the workhouse.
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Renee P
+Evan Lee Overbeck​ insensitive prick. 
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Chalk up another one for science.  
Doctors in Sheffield say patients with multiple sclerosis are showing "remarkable" improvements after receiving a treatment usually used for cancer.
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That's amazing and they did it without industry backing which says alot. Thanks for sharing this. 
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Ian James

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Thanks to Nina Anthonijsz for originally sharing this one.
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Ian James

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To those who support breed specific laws.....your so wrong.....The vast majority of bad dogs have one thing in common.. BAD, IGNORANT OWNERS.
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doggie beer! ummmmm!
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Ian James

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This is just unacceptable... please sign this petition.
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Ian James

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I have to support this complaint... As a person disabled by an industrial injury I am well aware of the ridiculous/cruel nature of the new tests. I have twice had to go to a tribunal to retain my benefit (£102.00 pw) my consultant, professor of orthopaedic medicine at Oxford Uni,, stating the extent of my condition Unqualified decision makers for DWP totally ignored the medical reports and black and white scans clearly showing the damage.

I have only a moderate clinical depression , for those with blacker dogs and no support this system must be hell.
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Ian James

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Absolutely no need for these in products... We need to catch up with the rest of the world and ban them.  

Brits please sign up.
Sign the petition: The prime minister must follow world leaders like Barack Obama and ban highly polluting microbeads immediately
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Ian James

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We don't need palm oil in all our products... 
BLD, a palm oil company, is destroying irreplaceable habitat and setting off a veritable carbon bomb by draining and burning 14,000 hectares of peat forest in the Malaysian state of Sarawak. Local activists are calling on the state’s Chief Minister to stop this crime against the planet. Please lend them your voice.
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Ian James

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We are going to need to maintain our carbon sinks more aggressively, this logging does us no long term benefit, just quick profits . 
Lush rainforest covers much of the Central African Republic. Yet civil war and illegal logging are taking their toll, with brutal militias funding their operations by collecting protection money from criminal loggers. Most of the illicit timber is destined for Europe. Call on the EU to ban imports of blood timber from CAR.
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Pyrotechnician by choice, naturalist by inclination, have a passion for working trial dogs esp. rottweilers.
I can breath.
  • disabled following industrial injury
    2006 - present
    I lost an argument with a fork lift truck on a site I was working on. smashed up pelvis and lumbar spine....
  • Starlight Fireworks/the Firework Co./ plus others
    Display Manager/Senior Supervisor, 1978 - 2006
    Owner of display firework company until injury forced sale. Worked with several UK based Firework Display companies, manly weekends at Classical concerts like the battle proms, at Theme Parks like Lego Land and I also wrote and choreographed shows for Starlight Fireworks. After my accident I could no longer do even the most basic displays because of the manual labour required. I still visit a few of the old crews and press the odd button., but its not the same. I also trained as a special effects technician for the Film and TV industry.
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Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Wendover, United Kingdom
Was born, will die.. then who cares...
I think the world is grossly over populated with humans, that the capitalist outlook/concept is flawed, continual growth is impossible on a planet with finite resources.

I am a Naturalist in the sense that Naturalism is the "hypothesis that the natural world is a closed system" in the sense that "nothing that is not a part of the natural world affects it." As such, "naturalism implies that there are no supernatural entities," such as gods, angels, demons, ghosts, or other spirits, "or at least none that actually exercises its power to affect the natural world. And without miraculous interventions into nature from a spiritual realm, neither prayer nor magic are more effective than a placebo.

I am also a Freethinker. From wiki: Freethought holds that individuals should not accept ideas proposed as truth without recourse to knowledge and reason

I am not an atheist, as that allows that a god may exist. or some other forms of supernatural beings may exist. I do not. I lack a soul, or the belief in one.

We are a product of evolution and have no more purpose on this planet than a grain of sand on a beach, . We are a very selfish species who deludes daily itself, if we genuinely loved our children and grandchildren we would stop living the way we do.

My Favourite Quote: The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man. George Bernard Shaw

I also like to study the Sengoko period in Japan (The warring states era)  .  and The Peninsular Campaign and Waterloo. 

Bragging rights
“The things that make me different are the things that make me ME. -Piglet”
  • Cranfield University
    Sub Sea Engineering, 1997 - 1998
  • University of East London
    Wildlife Conservation, 1994 - 1997
  • Aylesbury Grammar School
    1967 - 1972
  • The Royal Military College of Science
    High Explosives Handling and Use, 2001 - 2001
    Th safe handling of HE explosives in the Film and Entertainment arena, mainly for special effects in film.
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