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Just look at the damn photo, that is me!
Just look at the damn photo, that is me!


Has 'watch the video' mentality diminished the art of skilled discussion?


What's the deal with this?

Great minds of GDF. There is a thing I've wondered for the longest time, I come to you for answers.

I'm a nice bloke, always happy to help if I can and offer an ear. The people who know me in the flesh can attest to this and indeed make great use of my ear, all day everyday. Sometimes it's advise they want often it's just to vent.

So whats the deal with this? Personally if I have a problem, talking about it makes it worse. Venting only focuses the fact that have to deal with some shit. What I do instead is plan my out whatever shit I find myself in and actively work to resolve what ever the issue is.

Why do people endlessly complain about the tiniest amount of shit in their life's, rather than actively work to make it less shity?

Really, it confuses the fuck outa me.

I am a nilhist, by that I mean that I recognise that what matters is wholey subjective, and by more carefull choosing of what matters in your life, you can drastically destress your life.

Yet another is athiesim a claim post.

It's really very easy.

I believe.
I don't believe.

Both are held positions and if one declares thier position, they have made a claim.

Now do we nessacirly need to prove our claims?
Absolutely not.

I'm theist so I will declare that I belive god is.

I've made the claim right, so now I have a burden of proof right?

Wrong. I only have that burden if I desire you to share my belief. I absolutely have no such desire, and I absolutely do not have to justify my belief, it is after all a belief I can't claim it absolute truth.

It's the weekend, as is my desire on my days off I'm drinking whiskey and listening to music.

So music, what do you like? Give me some good bands.

Me I'm rather eclectic. Today seems to have progressed from a soul to regea day. You that know me some know that I'm a native born resident of London UK. Currently im listening the a band called The Skints. An east London regea band. They are really rather good, and although I'm certainly not patriotic, regea sung in a London accent, touches my soul.

That's my recommendation. The Skints. Your turn GDF...

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This from one of the best minds I know. Angry at the desenting voice, yeah we all know these people right?

So an argument I quite often hear from the anti thiest mob is the dangers of religion. Which I normaly counter with some speech about all ideas or idealogy being prone to extteame thought. The idea is to sway my opponent away from this idea of rel8gioys being dangerous and to consider instead the real problem being what humans can do with ideas. I claim that all ideas are open to moderate and extteame thought, and much more dangerous ideas exist than religion.

I follow this by asking why so you not seem to be concerned with the idea that has caused humanity the greatest of harm.

So which idea would you say causes humanity the greatest of ills and what can be done about it?

I'll show you mine, after I've seen yours.

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Just gonna drop this here and leave for work. I expect my popcorn when I get back.

Chewing the fat. Some of you may know that I garden for a living. Its a great job, I retrained some 5 or 6 years back, after 20 odd years working in IT.

I'm much poorer but much happier. Anyhoo today is a washout. Got the last of my grass cutting done just before the heavens opened. Spoken to the boss and he is fine with me calling it a day right now, that's 12:59 here in old Blighty, so I can get home and sort my end of month reports out.

Just waiting for me man to pick up my green waste and then I'm outa here!

How's your day going?

I caught myself pondering yesterday about free market and socialised services. Trying to get to grips with the claims from both ends, does the free market equate to cheaper better services, does competition mean the best deals for the consumer?

My thoughts thus far.

Let's start with the reason anybody starts a company. Do I start a grocery store in order to meet people's shopping needs, or to make myself some money?

Obviously the latter. So what's the reason behind business? Profit.

A free market then is more concerned with profit than service.

All of this was prompted by a tiny little piece I saw on TV on Sunday, just a few throw away lines delivered by one Jamie Oliver, yes that one. When asked about how we got to the position where schools are feeding our kids shit.

He replied it happend during Thatchers time. As well as stopping our school milk, she stopped schools providing their own kitchens, staff and cooking and put the whole thing out to tender. If you've been involved in the tender process you'll know that invariably the cheapest quote gets the job. But ahhhhh tender is a short term thing, renewable yearly or otherwise.

So the year goes and the tender goes out again. This year however those who lost out last year, put in a cheaper quote, and so begins the race to the bottom. Until we reach where we currently are, cost have to be cut to win, so quality of ingredients go down.

We see similar things in our transport services, cost go up and service goes down. The same in our energy, cost to the end users fixed and arranged by the six companies who monopolize the whole industry. The same in our prison services. High staff turnover, people leaving the service in droves causing more violence and prison suicides and staff sick days and mental health issues.

Some services should remain or be placed back into government control. Water, energy, school meals and transport at the very least.


I wondered if it is possible to count how many anti left vs anti right memes have been posted here since the new year
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