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Sarah Peduzzi
Digital Marketing Stretegist at BarkleyREI
Digital Marketing Stretegist at BarkleyREI

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The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson is excellent. The only downfall is that I can't "just" read one chapter...making me late for everything.

For some reason I convinced my husband to watch all of Harry Potter. So the last two weeks we've watched every movie and tonight we are starting 7, part 1. It only took 8 years, but it was worth it.

I can't get enough of ZZ Ward right now. Why can't I have voice like hers?!

That moment when you are 15 hours deep into a project and you have been doing it all wrong.

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My day, maybe even the rest of this year, has been made thanks to this gem.

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Beau during the first hour of the road trip and then sprawled out by the end. I think we've conquered the far off the car.
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Forgot how much I love the Colbert Report. Funny how I go through shows in phases.

FINALLY a sunny day. I almost forgot what sunshine felt like this week.

Last night, I spent about an hour researching steam mops. That's where my life is right about now. #livingthedreamlife  

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So looks like Google+ tells stories on my behalf. Here, look at the new puppy! Beau!
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