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Saw this piece by fast company today about working from home, and thought, as someone who works from home for almost 4 years now, I'd comment on it.

the tl;dr of the piece is: 1) dress up for work, have rigid schedules, so you don't end up browsing hacker news etc all day 2) have a social life after work, and be mindful of the social time you spend online at work 3) doing awesome work is the only way to be really motivated, given at an office you'd be penalized for being distracted.

What jumps right at me is that the article is not so much about working from home, as it is about self discipline, and how you can be more disciplined at an office, and how you should bring some of that to be able to work from home.

Discipline and self discipline, in my mind, differ in the following way: Discipline is getting someone to do something that someone wants him to do. Think of it, at its extreme, as the sergeant telling recruits what to do - they aren't self disciplined, just disciplined.

Self discipline happens when the person who wants you to do something and the person who chooses what you will do are both yourself.

So my point is that relying on the office to discipline you is a terrible bet. I'll go as far as saying that not everyone is terribly productive at an office environment either, and that there is a lot of correlation between those unproductive workers and those who are not very self-disciplined, and rely on the office disciplining them to do their work.

And I'll also say that, in my experience, if you're self-disciplined enough to be productive in an office with all its noise, interruptions, meetings, social chatter and distractions, you'd be great working from home. If you're not self disciplined enough to work from home, I can't see how working at an office would help you.

Now, there are plenty of reasons why one should choose to work at an office rather than at home. But the lack of self-discipline you have working from home that you're hoping you'll get at an office, in my mind, isn't one of them.

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at least now I have google plus to complain about twitter returning 500s

Just confirmed my subscription to RubyConf! Don't miss it! Hope to see you there!

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