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Suggestion: allow for differentiating size of keyboard in landscape and portrait. The size I like for portrait takes up way too much real-estate in landscape. 

There are a lot of features in this keyboard, and I like it. I hope it's possible to turn on what I really like in Swype, which is punctuation Keys as tap and hold secondaries on the main Alpha keys. I was very, very surprised to see the tap and hold functionality just didn't do anything to the main keys. (edit: found the setting!)

Also, how do you change case quickly , between all lower case, all uppercase uppercase, and title case? That was very quick in Swype.

I also miss the quick drag shift to a, c, x, or V clipboard functionality. I kind of prefer that to what I'm seeing in this keyboard.

I also just had a very amusing double autocorrect, where voice handed the keyboard one thing and then the keyboard turned it into something else. I don't recall ever seeing that before, but the particular Corrections were pretty darn funny. Two functionalities on the phone arguing about what I really meant. So now instead of me arguing with auto correct, I get to be a moderator between two different autocorrects?

Well now that's weird. Is the space bar slide app dependent? It's not working here in Google+.

I've always pined for a way to delete to the RIGHT of the insertion point. I don't understand why no keyboards I've tried have implemented this. Especially when editing the middle of a block of text, there's frequent need of this.


Just installed Chrooma, and so far I'm liking what I see. I have little patience for keyboards that aren't significantly better than what I like. So far, the spacebar navigation has me convinced to stay with Chrooma for a while.

So . . . rightward deletion? ;-)

OK, this thing sucks! I asked Alexa, "if it takes a hen & a half a day & a half to lay an egg & a half, how long does it take a monkey with a wooden leg to kick the seeds out of a dill pickle"?"  --  and she just blinked and gave me the silent treatment!


She works pretty cool, though I'm facing some firewall issues where I work (I'm the I.T. guy, so that's not a true show-stopper). I don't use Amazon for music (Spotify), and since Prime is pretty meager, that's a bit rough. 

Wolfram Alpha sometime? Or do they have a non-compete going with Apple?

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Interesting terms.

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From last fall. The only pretty spot in the last mile of my daily commute. And this day it was especially nice!

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My daughter the organist!

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