Sprint Galaxy Nexus: not supported in AOSP

I've been getting a few questions about AOSP support for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus.

The short answer is: the Sprint Galaxy Nexus is not supported in the Android Open Source Project.

The long answer: the release process for the Spring Galaxy Nexus is similar to that of the non-yakju variants of the GSM Galaxy Nexus (e.g. yakjuxw, yakjuux, yakjudv...), which makes that device similarly impossible to support in AOSP. There are no source files, no proprietary hardware-related binaries and no factory images available for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus. In addition, since it's a CDMA device, it would probably be limited by the usual CDMA licensing issues that have been affecting the other CDMA devices.

I've also had a few questions about IMM76I. I'm planning to tag it in AOSP in the next few days, unless emergencies decide otherwise.
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