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I'm climbing a mountain, no actually...
Hi everyone, So I know its been a long time since I checked in with you all. A lot has happened. I went traveling with Caitlin for 2 months and have got a place to go back to University in September to do a masters degree in Environmental Policy and Managem...

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Just a little update...
Hello everyone. This post has been a long time coming and I
am sorry for that. I distanced myself from the world of blogging and writing, I think because I associated it with being ill but now I am sat at my computer in my Christmas jumper with
Elf on in th...

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I'm back!
Hello friends, I am so sorry for my absence from the blogging world. I have no excuses other than I have just been busy living my life. It has been amazing to return to work and start doing other things that don't require me to plan around hospital hospital...

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Healthy Granola recipe...
Granola is my all time favourite breakfast. In an ideal
world I would eat granola with greek yoghurt and fruit every morning. In
reality I am all too aware of the hidden nasties cropping up in my favoured
breakfast. The biggest culprit is SUGAR. Since Janua...

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What now?
Hello Bloglets, Happy New Year to you all! Firstly I hope you all had lots of Festive fun, I know I
did. SO a New Year has begun and all people seem to be saying to me is forget
last year and just get on with this year. I want to discuss this a bit. Don’t g...

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Statement Coat Styling Challenge (with Marks and Spencer)...
I am pretty boring when it comes to coats, with the
exception of my pink coat almost every other coat I have ever owned has been
black or navy blue. I have always been wary of spending money on a coloured
coat because I thought there would be limited outfit...

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Spa days, important dates and that festive feeling...
Hello everybody. I thought I would write a quick post to tell you all about a
spa day that I attended a couple of weeks ago. Rock on Divas, run by the lovely
Gloria, is a day aimed at women who have finished cancer (or any other illness)
treatment and are l...

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Radiotherapy weeks four and five...
Hello everybody, I am so sorry for taking so long to blog. I
wasn’t very well but now I am back and ready to update you all. I have now finished radiotherapy. WOOHOO! The main side
effect I have found is tiredness but it really isn’t that bad and is definit...
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