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Most often the chemical test used in a DUI investigation is the breath test, both a portable breath test, and an Intoxylizer test. If you refuse to submit to a breath test, an officer may get a warrant for a blood draw. #utahduilaws

Utah just became the only state in the country to drop the legal limit to .05. If you are charged with a DUI call us asap. We fight. #provoduiattorney

When a potential client steps into our office, we try to ensure they understand we are there to help, not to judge. We love representing the little guy and know everyone deserved another change to get on track.

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Blood, breath, urine, etc. Do you know how all the different chemical tests work for DUI and blood alcohol content? Which is the most reliable? Find out all the information you need on our page.

Aggressive, experienced, knowledgeable DUI Defense Attorney in Provo. #provoduiattorney

With the holidays over, DUI charges should be slowing down. Be safe friends.

A low BAC or a level just barely over the legal limit leaves room for interpretation. We understand the science behind blood alcohol content, and how the different tests work.

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You may have multiple DUIs on your record. Another charge could mean enhanced penalties with a significantly hire risk of jail. You need representation that will explore every option with out of the box thinking. #duiattorneyprovo

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One state legislator here in Utah trying to change the legal limit from .08 to .05. 

We fight hard for you to keep your license. 
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