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Davy Mitchell
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Geeky Doggy Bikey Bloggy Churchy Knitty Coffee-y Podcast-y Retro-y Person

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Who doesn't like a nice warm fire? #DartLang

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We have a new version of our IntelliJ plugin, version IntelliJ should prompt you to update; if not, select 'Check for updates...' from the main menu.

Our goal of this release was to create a smoother experience for new developers just getting started with Flutter in IntelliJ. This involved fixing numerous fit-and-finish issues [1], including:

* When opening a project, we check if any imported packages are missing, and if so auto-import them

* Reduced the number of files shown in the Project View when the ‘Show Excluded Files’ option is off

* Several improvements to the Run/Reload/Restart/Stop action buttons to make sure their state is correct, and that keyboard shortcuts work well

* Improved the detection of Flutter projects that have not been opened before, resolving several ‘dead-end issues’

* Automatically bring the iOS simulator to the front on a Run or Debug action

We also added an experimental debugging pane; while your app is running you can open this with View > Tool Windows > Flutter. It contains the following debugging options, that you can toggle on/off using the buttons at the top of the pane:

* Debug paint: Show visual indications of rendering boxes, padding, and alignment [2]

* Repaint rainbow: Overlay each later with rotating colors when repainting [2]

* Performance overlay: Show the time spent on the GPU and CPU threads [3]

* Slow animations: Slow down animation speed to enable visual debugging [4]

* Observatory Timeline: Show the Observatory web UI for visualizing timeline



Is anyone else having trouble with Travis-CI and 1.22? Seems it can't download '...dart-archive/channels/dev/release/latest/dartium/'

Hi Folks, is there a way I can set the wall paper from the command line? I googled it but all the answers seemed to be for other flavours/DEs. Thanks!

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Tiny bit of everyday code! #DartLang

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Packt Dart Books for a mere $5 each :-)
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