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Just watched a video series that challenges the preconceptions that i have about different types of armor for use in TRPGs. Such as studded leather armor being rated higher than simple chainmalle armor, as studded leather armor is actually a leather overcoat with plates on the inside. Stiffer, heavier and more protective than simple chain. Also, scale armor by itself is almost useless against anything but attacks from above or straight on, and any opponent with skill would recognise it and strike from below.

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Here's my writeup for leggardonner, one of the newest countries in my world. Let me know what you think

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Country Writeups: Leggardonner
The country of LeggarDonner is a fairly new country, birthed from the wake of The Heart's Awakening almost 200 years ago, the country was once a shallow part of the (Muhmuhmha) lake/sea which drained into the Atliean Sea to the North. When the Heart's Awake...

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I really need to start writing about this world again. From today onto the end of the year, weekly postings on different areas on sundays

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I was reading an interesting discussion about D&D old school versus new in terms of how procedures are handled, comparing procedure-heavy games like Dungeon World and Torchbearer with (particularly older editions of) D&D. In this discussion, someone said (I'm paraphrasing) that D&D doesn't have rules for how long a torch lasts because there's no mechanism for how much time passes other than asking the DM. 

Although it was not addressed in the discussion, I think this statement encapsulates the main division between two sides of the rpg divide. Forget old school vs. new school vs. indie vs. whatever. In my mind it comes down to the acceptance or rejection that GM fiat is, in fact, a mechanism for resolution. In other words, does a GM have to make a ruling because of a lack of rules, or does the GM make a ruling because that is, in fact, the rule? 

If it's not a viable mechanism, then it's likely at best a necessary evil and at worst something to be overcome with procedures and/or as many situation-specific rules as realistically possible. If it is a viable mechanism, then it's something to be embraced and preserved. 

This is the crux issue, I think, because it sets up entirely how a game is designed and how it is played. It determines how a session is prepped, what physical form it takes at the table, and the relationship the players (and GM, if any) have with the rulebook, with recordkeeping, and with narrative freedom.

I don't think anyone who's looked at Numenera will be surprised to know that I fall pretty squarely into the "GM ruling is a viable mechanism and not the absence of mechanism" camp. But I understand the point of view of those that do not, and certainly don't have any desire to convert anyone. 

The original discussion can be found here:

Two side notes:

1. It's fascinating to look at what side of this divide the "mainstream" games and the "indie" games take in a given era, because it keeps changing.

2. It's possible that where a given individual falls on this issue can be directly related to an early experience with a good or a poor GM.

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Yeah, just about

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I wanna grab some people's attentions for a minute, maybe you can help me out

the pantheon i'm designing has the traditional domains in dnd, but i've added a second element. For example if you wanted to be a paladin of LAW or a Cleric of Death, you're not pigeonholed into a single god, in fact i'm going for the vend diagram of divine purpose. For LAW i have three gods, Asmodeus (evil god of law and deceit), my goddesses Sakatina (goddess of law and civilization) and Frodran (goddess of knowledge and prophesy) and they represent the three aspects of law (it can be evil or good but is useless without knowledge of the crimes)

I need several other overarching aspects to fill out my 16 total gods so each of them has at least 1 'vend diagram' that they are part of, though the ultimate goal is 2 or 3 for each. Below is a link to my pantheon for inspiration

Gods of the World

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Just finished my character creation session wrap up. I'll be adding onto my group's other players later. I can't wait till next month but at the same time i dread not being ready! so much to do!

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tasty tectonics
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