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What's been your biggest obstacle to become a fit vegan? I know I suffer from this: Hungry by mid-morning, driving me to ditch all my resolve and go for the calorie concentrated treats
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Brad L.
That's why I keep a container of mixed nuts and dried fruit by my desk. I buy a variety of nuts and dried fruits and mix them myself to avoid the salt overload in premade mixes.
nice idea to add some dried fruit......we keep nuts around, but the fruit will help keep it interesting :)
Going vegan really helped my drop weight, a lot just from paying attention to ingredients and nutrition labels. But when I wanted to build muscle and work out, I really stalled. My solution was to look up a variety of exercises with a lot of different positions, so I could change up how I was working out depending on which felt less trouble some at the time, and so I wouldn't get tired of doing the same thing.
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