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Hi all
Previously my app was showing the Short Name and Description text in the About option as I expected.

Now I have realized that it is showing Short Name and Short Description.

Is this a bug or you did this change recently for any reason?


Hi all

First all I think that AppSheet is great and powerful tool.
I have created an app for my friends and I have some suggestions:

1. Possibility to translate or change text labels:
a) Share, Sync buttons
b) Menu entries like About
c) E-mail and text to share the app.

2. Let'say you have a column location.
If you add a Map control numbers shown for each item do not match the order of data in the grid.

3. In Advanced Editor / 1. Data/ Column Structure vertical scrollbar is not visible first time.
So if you have to see last rows you have to scroll to right them move the vertical scrollbar and the scroll to left again to see the Field Name for instance.
I think vertical scroll bar should be always visible.

4. Usage Stats
Anyway to show more detailed information?
Now I am not requiring authentication for installing.
a) Is it possible to identify some way people who installed the app, location, phone number?
b) Stats are not accurate. It is showing 5 unique users on May 18 and 2 on May 19.
However Unique Users per month is showing 5 on Apr30!

I am a system engineer who speaks Spanish (native) and Portuguese.
If you need help with translations or further details please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

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Hi all

I have created an app just for fun for a online game community.
Any why to translate buttons like Share and Sync, menu options like About and e-mail sent to share to Portuguese and Spanish?

Best regards,
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