Otterbox Defender case for my SGS3: First impressions.

I had initially went looking for this case, when I ordered my phone, but it's introduction into the accessory market was delayed until the first of the month. I ordered this from Amazon, and it showed up promptly. Retailed $49.95. I got this from Amazon for $31.69 (with 2nd day shipping with my Prime account).

With my bad hands (CTS) which is causing me no end of motor function problems, I tend to drop things, the thought of damaging this new, abit very sleek phone has been something that I have given a lot of thought to. 

I understand that the thinness of the phone is a selling feature. The condition of my hands makes it a hindrance to me, more than a selling point.

The case breaks into 4 pieces. The best clip/holder dock. A two part cover and a rubber wrap around. The two part case, is tight. It is also padded on the bottom inside area, to cradle the lines of the phone. When snapped together, it is a snug fit. My Defender case on my DriodX felt a tad loose. So, the tolerances of this particular case are close. Your phone is not going to move around in this case.

The rubber bumper cover also is a tight fit. I had to work the sealing edges in, to get them to set (again, a hand issue). When finished. the phone bulked up to about 1/2 inch thick. With the addition of the bumper, holding the phone felt solid. No more slipping around and moving in my hand. You can get a firm solid grip.

Putting the phone in the belt cradle/dock is accomplished with a solid click of the phone going into place. You have to slightly open the clip to extract the phone out of the dock, indicating that it is held in place snugly.

Otterbox had an issue with the later runs of the Defender case for the DriodX, where the belt clip was not near as sturdy as the initial production (I get the idea that they tried to make a cheaper clip here) and I ended up breaking the clip twice. While the clip on this case is sturdy enough, my practice now is to clip the phone inside of my pocket edge and to forgo the belt mode.

All in all, a well made product. This will bulk your phone up quite a bit. The design is such that your chances of your phone surviving a fall appear to be good. I am not comfortable carrying a phone without a sturdy case anymore, and the Defender series satisfies my need for my phone being protected.

As always, your mileage may vary, but I can recommend this item with out pause.
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