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Easy translation with mkl10n

This is a complete rewrite.
l10n now fully supports Intl.message and .ARB-Files.
It scans not just .dart-File but also .html-Files


It's not just for WebApps. It works also on the cmdline and it should work with Flutter...

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The whole world writes constants as UPPERCASE - the whole world? - No, there is one language, only used inside Google, that wants to change this: Dart!

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Talks are now online!
Hey Kotliner, save the date!
Hey Kotliner, save the date!

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Just a reminder: #kscript works really well! Thanks to +holger brandl

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My new m4d_router library for #dartlang. This is a simple router lib that helps you build SPA apps for Dart. m4d_router will be used in the upcomming mdl-package

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OMG Dart!

This simple test:
library test.unit.core.utils;

import 'package:test/test.dart';
import 'dart:html' as dom;

main() {
final dom.DivElement div = new dom.DivElement();

test('> isDomElement', () async {

Takes 15secs! - on a machine with SSD, 32GB and i7
I'm using Dart 2.0.0-dev.60.0

15secs without running the builder. With builder it takes ~30secs...

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#31DaysofKotlin - Week 1 Recap

Check it out here →

The more Kotlin code we write, the more we love it! Kotlin’s modern language features together with Android KTX made our Android code more concise, clear and pleasant. We started the #31DaysOfKotlin series as a way of sharing some of our favorite Kotlin and Android KTX features and hopefully get more of you to like it as much as we do. Take a look back on the first week of the series for a quick reminder of how it all began.

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Alpha for DryIce (reflectable branch) is out.
DryIce is a lightweight dependency injection framework for Dart (Dice-Clone)

master-branch works with Dart 1.x,
reflectable-branch works with reflectable 2.x (no more mirrors!!!!)

If you want to try it:
Help is always welcome :-))

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Dependency hell in #dartlang! Nice language but horrible dependency management. Almost 2.0 but in some cases it still feels like beta
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