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OMG Dart!

This simple test:
library test.unit.core.utils;

import 'package:test/test.dart';
import 'dart:html' as dom;

main() {
final dom.DivElement div = new dom.DivElement();

test('> isDomElement', () async {

Takes 15secs! - on a machine with SSD, 32GB and i7
I'm using Dart 2.0.0-dev.60.0

15secs without running the builder. With builder it takes ~30secs...

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#31DaysofKotlin - Week 1 Recap

Check it out here →

The more Kotlin code we write, the more we love it! Kotlin’s modern language features together with Android KTX made our Android code more concise, clear and pleasant. We started the #31DaysOfKotlin series as a way of sharing some of our favorite Kotlin and Android KTX features and hopefully get more of you to like it as much as we do. Take a look back on the first week of the series for a quick reminder of how it all began.

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Alpha for DryIce (reflectable branch) is out.
DryIce is a lightweight dependency injection framework for Dart (Dice-Clone)

master-branch works with Dart 1.x,
reflectable-branch works with reflectable 2.x (no more mirrors!!!!)

If you want to try it:
Help is always welcome :-))

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Dependency hell in #dartlang! Nice language but horrible dependency management. Almost 2.0 but in some cases it still feels like beta
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Docker became a real mess over the last few releases on Mac:

Today I upgraded to 18.03.0-ce-rc3-mac56 and all my images are gone!

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RIP +ZEIT ONLINE​ Keine Kommentare, bei den Artikel ein registration wall usw. Ihr habt das Internet noch nicht verstanden.
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*OMG Gnome!* The other day I tried Gnome 3.24 on Ubuntu 17.04. What a crap. Nothing works out of the box. I had to install x extensions via browser?? just to get a somewhat running system. Without tweak tool you are totally lost. Took me me almost 2 h.

The next day I installed KDE Neon. 30 mins customization and that's it. A nice, smooth, desktop UI.

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Guy describes exactly the problem with Linux on Desktop:

Why doesn't the Dart-Team switch over to Gradle (or Gradle Kotlin DSL)?
For Android Gradle is widely adopted, this is also Flutters market. So it would absolutely make sense to accept this industry standard for Dart
And - let's be honest - Bazel is c... nobody is using it - except Google.
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