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<3 <3 “The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays.” ― Søren Kierkegaard
<3 <3 “The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays.” ― Søren Kierkegaard

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Unilever intends to double its sales by leveraging its global powerhouse brands such as Dove®, Suave®, Ben & Jerry's®, Hellmann's®, and Lipton®. The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan is the company's ground-breaking and ambitious road-map to achieve its growth vision in a way that increases the social value of its brands while simultaneously reducing its overall environmental impacts.

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How's your reading comprehension these days?
Take this discussion challenge.

Since I know most of you don't read for pleasure, let me leave you with one great passage from "The Andromeda Strain" by Michael Crichton (currently reading this) in which the author describes how an individual supposedly plans for the unplanned or serendipitous moments in life. I'll follow up with a critical thinking question towards the end.

The passage:
"All decisions involving uncertainty fall within two distinct categories -- those with contingencies, and those without. The latter are distinctly more difficult to deal with.

Most decisions, and nearly all human interaction, can be incorporated into a contingencies model. For example, a President may start a war, a man may sell his business, or divorce his wife. Such an action will produce a reaction; the number of reactions is infinite but the number of probable reactions is manageably small. Before making a decision, an individual can predict various reactions, and he can assess his original, or primary-mode, decision more effectively.

But there is also a category which cannot be analyzed by contingencies. This category involves events and situations which are absolutely unpredictable, not merely disasters of all sorts, but those also including rare moments of discovery and insight, such as those which produced the laser, or penicillin. Because these moments are unpredictable, they cannot be planned for in any logical manner. The mathematics are wholly unsatisfactory.

We may only take comfort in the fact that such situations, for ill or for good, are exceedingly rare."

If you survived that passage, here is my question for you:
Would you say that you live your life based on known patterns, predictable outcomes and obvious contingencies? Or are you the sort to take the path less traveled by? Regardless of your answer, explain why in the comments below, and possibly explain which lifestyle you might personally find to be more enjoyable. Naturally, there is no right or wrong answer.

Have fun.
And not just because I took the time to seriously type all of that out. ;P I'm actually curious to hear your responses.

#Quiz #Fun #Books #Reading #Comprehension #Test #Discuss #Discussion

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Five Reasons Why I Don't Care if My Stuff is Pirated - A New Way of Thinking

An article just came out in Wired ( and it featured many of my quotes. I have approached copyright, products, and business models in a very non-traditional way. I'm sure that I'm doing it the right way -- most others disagree. The article is about how I have chosen to share my photography from with a Creative Commons Noncommercial license, but it falls into an overall digital online strategy.

I also just happend to watch the new TWIT about copyright with +Leo Laporte , +Nilay Patel , +Andy Ihnatko , and +Harry McCracken. I'm 100% in Leo's camp -- but with a slightly different flavor, one I am sure Leo would appreciate.

All of my stuff is pirated. Everything from my HDR Video Tutorial to eBooks to Apps. Fine. It's all there on PirateBay and MegaUpload and all that stuff. Here are the reasons why I don't mind:

1) Theft of bits are like the Tic Tacs that get stolen from the 7-11. It's the cost of doing business on the Internet.

2) It is a LONG life. Many people that pirate stuff now from me just don't have any money. But, they like me and want my stuff. Some day, when they have money and get their financial act under control - maybe even in five years - I'll still be around. And then, they'll think, "You know what? I like that Trey guy... he put out stuff in the past that I like, and now I will start buying his new stuff."

3) The "pirates" are part of my community. Not everyone in the community has equal means. Pirates are not cretins riddled with immoral behavior in every part of their life. These are all generally good people who would gladly support me, their friendly local neighborhood artist, if they could easily afford it. They can't now, but they will be able to some day... I give them something now, and they will give me something later. For example, 24 years ago in high school, I used to pirate Sid Meier games on my Amiga (including a game called Pirates). Now that I have money, I buy every single game that Sid Meier puts out.

4) Pirates have friends that have money. It's still word-of-mouth, the most effective friend-to-friend marketing in the world. If pirates like what you do, they'll tell their friends. Not everyone is so handy with bittorrent and this sort of thing. Since I make purchases simple on my website at , many will come make the purchase because it is easier than pirating.

5) Last, and most important, as soon as I opened everything up, our business has grown and grown. Our team now of about 10 people are happy and everything is profitable. It is strange to see a chart over time that shows an increase in revenues and an increase in piracy. Now, piracy is not the reason that revenues are increasing, but they are not hurting revenues.

I'm proud of my artistic work and the creations that I have put on the internet, and for every thousand pirated downloads, I plant a thousand seeds.

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Why is it important to perfect virtue of perseverance?
Through it we are image of God and reach the fruits of the spirit (self control, joy, love, gentleness, patience, temperance, etc.) is a spiritual gift of character-forming and accompanies the contemplative activity (eternal life).
It is the daily determination to do good avoiding evil, and its main feature is resistance to pain even when it is prolonged. This feature is what distinguishes the perseverance of the fortitude (work), and continuous improvement. This perfect virtue is necessary when the task requires strenuous efforts to support.
A case in the Gospels is the crucifixion of Jesus, he received lashes that search to evoid the carry of the cross. He supports the extreme punishment (lashes that cause many injuries) and perform the grueling task until the end.

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