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This shop looks so cool. #TheAceOfVapez #Vape on... Their own juices are soooo good

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That'll do me nicely...


Oh look new notifications on LinkedIn, I wonder what it is? Oh it's just telling me that X, Y and Z have published new posts.... Anything to make the platform look busy I guess! 

Swimming/Lunch/SoftPlay/Dinner with my two little ones... #LetsGo | taking my Sony in the pool, hopefully it works well :-) 

@OliverExley: Rick does what he wants... #TheWalkingDeadUK

Time for #TheWalkingDeadUK so that means it's a no talking zone in the house...

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I hear, read and see a huge amount of noise and content regarding how important it is to implement "Superfast Broadband" (another lame buzzword in my opinion)...

Surely it's cheaper and quicker to get the entire country running 4G?

If this happened we wouldn't actually need the traditional lines because we could all use 4G enabled routers to power our networks off of a SIM card, or even multiple SIM cards if required.

I've been thinking about this for a while and the plus points far outweigh the negatives.

Unless of course I'm completely missing the point, which I may be doing.

Can anyone shed some light on why this wouldn't be beneficial and the right direction to go down for the UK?

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Custom background images on #GMAIL #FTW 

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That's one hell of a roller coaster ride:
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