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Let's Do This:
Tiger vs Panda: Derick and Sam Try Face Masks

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Newest iOS IP, iPad mini 2, iOS 10 latest update

If I create a new file or open an old file and work on it a while, I can paint and then save. But If I then tap "open" after saving nothing happens. I have to force close the app or make another stroke, then I can access the "open" dialog.

I know it's early days for the iOS version , but will Wacom pressure stylus support make an appearance? 

So I recently got infinite painter for iOS and am enjoying it for such an early this the right place to post bugs and issues?

+Sean Brakefield

Infinite Design is my favorite vector drawing app on android by a long shot in terms of being able to create beautiful vector illustrations. Now that I've had a good amount of playtime it's time for opinions and requests!

Grid: I'm glad ID has a grid to play with as reference, but it's not as amazing as it could be.
Snap to grid is wonky. For one, it only works when zoomed in. Try drawing a simple square and there are odd curves along the way, and drawing a simple line almost always overshoots where my finger or stylus stops at my preferred grid vertex. Also, if you change the grid to isometric, there is absolutely no snapping, which is confusing from a user standpoint. I could understand the odd curving if auto shape detection or "lazy finger" is on, but I'd much prefer drawing hard angles and lines as a drafter than the inconsistent curving when "snap to grid" is on.

As a grid user, I'd like to have an option to adjust how the grid scales while drawing. I want to see the original squares of my grid instead of splitting the grid without reference as you zoom in, perhaps, much like some graph paper, subtle blue for the larger squares and lighter blue for new squares as we zoom into the canvas, so referencing our draft lines would be easier.

In fact, I'd actually prefer to have several standard graph size options, like my favorite vector-based notation app for android, Squid. In their page settings with an Infinite canvas, it's much easier to plot and design than current ID setups. Check it out.

In terms of other vector-based feature requests, I'd again recommend checking out Squid. You can import, add to (notate) PDF images and then re export (as PDF) while keeping that important vector data. I could only imagine what ID could do with layered, semi editable (scale layer, erase, maybe recolor) PDF or SVG data. I also really like the export dialog as you can change your folder and rename the file (PDF, jpeg or png) right at export. In Squid click "export>save to device" on a single page file to see what I mean.

Squid isn't perfect, and I understand it's made for multi-page notation. It pales in comparison to your fantastic inking and layer-based engine so it's a different beast, but the vector-based foundation is very clean and usable. Enough about Squid! ;)

Let's talk about selection of tools. It takes two taps to begin selecting a drawn object. If you scale or modify the object, then it gets deselected; you now have to tap two more times to select again, then a third swipe to select. That's pretty tedious. Selection should stay selected. Much like Infinite Painter, we also need to allow for our favorite tools to go into the main workspace as an icon or in the toolbar instead of being nested.

Scaling objects:
Many times I just want to scale the object shape while keeping line (or stroke) width. If I make three squares and then attempt to scale them like a city scape for example, each object's stroke is now slightly thicker or thinner than the object next to it. And, seeing how ID lines are relative, typing in actual numbers for things like thickness would be much more efficient as a designer than eyeballing a little slider and it's various decimals. It's nearly impossible to get an exact number.

Strange behavior: make a circle using ballpoint pen, edit it and select transform. Skew/distort a corner and you'll get a neat "ring of Saturn" type effect. Now select the object to adjust line width and it snaps back to a circle instead of the new shape. You can still adjust color and it keeps the new shape but will revert to circle if you change anything else. It's really cool but weird, is this a feature?

Much like many vector illustration apps, I'd like to have any drawn line to be fillable as a solid polygon in the object/stroke edit properties.

Final output besides screen-resolution-dependent Png or jpg can be sometimes underwhelming; current svg isn't ideal for what you see on the screen / what you get on output, and resolution is what makes vector illustrations most appealing...Cloud-based high resolution PNG or even a resolution independent PDF would help for my particular work flow needs...

That said, Infinite Design is obviously a great product so far. Thanks for all you do, and thanks for reading!

Is PDF export on the road map? Current bare-bones Svg is fine for simple line work export but never looks the same on import in other apps. Allowing for PDF would make my more complex ID work actually printable.. A high resolution png option on output would be great too, but it's easy to work in vector-friendly PDF in all of my other pc vector apps like illusrrator and Photoshop. Heck, with PDF you could even include vector info as well as raster backgrounds if you were feeling sassy. If not, please consider it! 

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I had fun making this humble hero in Infinite Painter tonight! I actually made the sword in infinite design and did a simple png import and did the rest in Painter. I mostly used modified Beatrix vector brushes, Banksy and various blending brushes for that classic late 50s shade style; Svetlana for the bloody sword texture, with a notable long fur Harmony for the chest hair. Ooh lala!

I don't know if everyone is also having this trouble, but if you use the tapered brush for many dozens of strokes that overlap and also use a brush like polygon in the same layer ( or merge ), save, close and reopen, the tapered brushes effectively disappear or are broken. They still exist in the project and can be extruded but the tapers on every brush that uses them fails in the same way. The only workaround is to select and combine my tapered strokes before saving, but details may get compressed.

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Tons of detail! Looks great. I had some minor crashing when attempting to select the moon layers too make modifications near the end, but I probably should have simplified polys during the drawing process. Even so, I was able to reopen very complicated files after crashing so I could finish my work. 
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