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Traditions. . . . . .
One tradition I have and love, is to make small details for family and friends in every special occasion.    Christmas is one of the most beautiful seasons and one of my favorites. It is very colorful and love all the movement of the season.  Season of givi...

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Impression Mats - December Soap Challenge
    Persian Rug This month's challenge was incredible for me,  I was intrigued to know how my soap would look . It is a beautiful technique created with a silicon mat that needs a lot of patience, but in soap making,  patience is the first thing we have to ...

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Alternative liquids - October Soap Challenge
This month's soap challenge is called "Alternative liquids". For that I chose the "Nopal Cactus", "Goat Milk yogurt" and a hint of "Cayenne Pepper". I love everything about goats, the milk, the cheese, the yogurt ... everything!!  I find goats are such  bea...

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First challenge...not just soap
I love soap making videos, but the truth is, I'm new in video making. I love to take photos, I have...... I don't know how many cameras, a Nikon D90, a Canon EOS, a Kodak, a Samsung, a JVC and I don't remember how many more between new and old ones...I love...

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My first soap.....
I don’t remember when my curiosity for making soap started. What I do
remember is that the curiosity was increased because an elbows allergy I
developed during the time I was living  overseas. Unfortunately every
time I asked about how to make soap, the ...

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Great experience!

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