Scrumptious Pantry grew out of my passion for food with a sense of place, and heirloom varietals with their amazing variety of flavors and their strong personalities are our constant inspiration. Our food tells stories: stories of people, of culinary heritage, of precious seeds, of biodiversity. It tells these stories in every bite.

We craft packaged food based on heirloom food values: food that captures the ingredients’ character and preserves their integrity. In order to achieve that, we start from the ground up. By partnering with family farms that follow time-honored, sustainable farming practices, our vegetables burst with flavor. Together with our farmers, we are steadily increasing the amount of heirloom varietals we grow, as we all learn again how to cultivate these treasured varietals successfully on a commercial scale.

In the kitchen we are fiercely protective of the varietal’s personality, carefully transforming it using heirloom recipes as inspiration. We want to live in a world with rich biodiversity, so we are strong supporters of the Non-GMO movement and source organic ingredients.

Our goal is to exclusively use heirloom varietals in all our products by 2018, making a long-term contribution to the preservation of historic vegetable and fruit varieties. We call it the Heirloom Revival Project – Growing the future from the treasures of the past!

Please check the Q&A below for more detailed info on our heirloom focus and our mission. If you have any questions, you can reach me by emailing  lee(at)scrumptiouspantry(dot) com, or by calling me directly at (301) 979-9751.

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Lee Greene, Founder
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