As an antitheist I have other communities I've joined. One of them is homestead living. What is sad about gardening data, homestead data, nature data is the fact that many of these people are either religious or so called "spiritual". It's kinda disheartening to read an article about gardening, homestead, fermenting, preserving meats, etc is the fact that many of these articles include a spiritual aspect to them.

I just wanna read about the garden, seeds, techniques, I'm not wanting to read how you believe gardening places you closer to a god or being in the garden is a spiritual experience. I think non-believer sites about gardening, homestead, vegetable preserving, meat preserving and other living closer to nature topics would be great. 

Listening to a YouTube video about gardening is wonderful, it's when the video includes not just gardening but gardening with god ruins it. Not every homestead gardening back to nature individual is a fool for god. 

I also think if we atheist venture out into the world of gardening, sustaining energy, homestead, back to nature would increase our standing. If christians are going to use their religion of the basis of their gardening. homesteading, etc, then it seems right that we atheist show our back to nature side. As a matter of fact, the religion of christianity hates nature. So shouldn't it be antitheist who would be the ones at the forefront of any  back to nature movement?

Thinking about this I googled atheist homesteader and this site came up...
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