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Secular Eqalitarian Antitheist Liberal

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Sovereign John passed away a week ago while vacationing at the seaside with his family. We love him and miss him terribly. If you would like to make a donation in his memory, you can give to the American Diabetes Association.

Kerry Washington Shows Her Natural Beauty on the Cover of Allure


Yeah, like Magazines always show us what personalities really look like. I doubt there's anything natural showing on this cover. It was a good laugh though.

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El Paso Atheists volunteered to clean up a highway & adopt a section of it. Then this happens.
@center4inquiry @FFRF 

My Comment:

So there it is. The persecuted #Christians  freely & openly spewing their  #Hatred  & #Bigotry  for all to see.

Notice this person who claim Christianity is a moral high value worldview that seeks to ban books thought nothing of using the word #Bitches  on a sign #Children  would have access to read. 

Tell me again how unicorn believing bigots and haters gained dominate access to our nation's mindset?

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#DavidDuke  says #Jesus  was a kind hearted peaceful soul. Really? Let's look at this supposed kind hearted souls biblical account...

Jesus said,

"You must hate everyone, even your very life if you want to follow me"_

How about, 

"I will return with a sword, kill all non-believers and rule over the entire Earth"

Jesus will be an unelected self appointed King of the World. No elections, no elected representation, just Fascism.

Jesus has no kind heart. Jesus intends to rule over you. If you resist, He will kill you.

It's just that simple. 

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Actually #atheist  don't know if there's a #God   or not. However this atheist thinks that if there is ever a proven God it won't be dickwads #Jehovah   #Allah   or #Yahweh .

If you want to know the character of #Jehovah  look at the leaders it chose. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Satan...

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I like the idea of keeping #OMG  or #OhMyGod  around as we say OMG! or "Oh My God" when we are conveying something is #Unbelievable

The word #God  also means unbelievable, #Bullshit , #FairyTale  and #Myth

So the following is OMG! 

How did 7 Billion people all agree to not only accept this stupidity but to give it a tax deduction!!!!!!!!

What a whirld, what a whirld 


Earth's population accepts a whole spectrum of superstitious god concepts yet on social media sites such as G+ you'll get a thousand comments correcting your spelling. roflmao!!!!!!

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How many thinking people out there throw up everytime a #ChristianTGOPRightWingConservative complains about #PoliticalCorrectness ? Is there anything more politically correct than #GodBlessAmerica ! Is there anything more politically correct than UnConstitutionally hanging the 10 Commandments in a secular public building? Is there anything more politically correct than than #InGodWeTrust  on our money. What about the political correctness of allowing superstitious people getting a tax deduction for being superstitious? 

It's time to get rid of the real political correct crowd. They call themselves #Patriots  [a politically correct label in and of itself!!] of course. They wrap themselves in the very flag they seek to destroy You see they have their own flags. One is the white flag with a red cross [The Christian flag] and the [Confederate Flag of secession]. How much clearer can they be that they hate the United States of America.

They hate our freedoms, our diversity and our humanity. If you are doubtful ask them if two consenting adults who are gay should be able to marry. There answer will be no. Everyone must follow the Christian superstitious religion. That's not elected representation. That's a theocracy!!
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