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Lee Hutch
I'm a half a$$ historian of both military history and boxing history.
I'm a half a$$ historian of both military history and boxing history.

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New Site
Friends, I'm in the process of migrating this blog over to my new site  here. Thank You.

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We Have Met the Enemy and It is Us
Friends, Please forgive me for not writing a history blog today, I feel that the events with not just college football but athletics as a whole deserve their own blog post. Let me preface this by saying that I am and always will be a football fan, but damn,...

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One Picture: One Thousand Words
Dear Readers, There are a few things I love; books, cats, redheads, and more redheads. That said, I also enjoy poring over old photographs and also old maps. You can learn a lot from looking at pictures. When I see pictures such as the one above, I'm drawn ...

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Death in the Winter
Readers, I’ve
been doing a lot of research into a particular topic and as a result, I
suffered a very vivid and graphic dream two nights ago. It has happened to me
before when I am heavily digging into a topic to write about it. This is the
dream as be...

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Some Other Beginning's End
Dear Readers, Another school year is drawing to a close. Though typically professors may break things up by semester rather than year, for the past three years I've been teaching dual credit courses at a local high school though I am a college employee and ...

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How Can Man Die Better: Death on Culloden Moor
Source Dear Readers, Saturday marks the 270th Anniversary of the Battle of Culloden, one of the most significant battles in British History. In a way, it is significant for American History as well. It followed at the end of the Jacobite Rebellion which beg...

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The Bonds of Time
Dear Readers, I've been thinking of something quite a bit of late. Why is it that some people feel stronger ancestral connections than others? Why do some have a stronger connection with the past than others? I had an eerie experience just a couple of hours...

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The Slings and Arrows of the Past
Tallyho Dear Readers! Wow. Time has flown. This is my 100th blog post. I'd have hit this number a long time ago had life and fate not intervened. Thankfully, I am finishing my CJ Master's this week and will submit my final paper to be judged by a panel of t...

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A Lawman's Untold Tale
Friends, I don't know much about the man seated second from the left in this photo. His name was John M. Cameron and he served as a Texas Ranger, first in Company E of the Frontier Battalion and later as a Special Ranger. His service stretched from 1891 unt...
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