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Quad kitties! :)

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Hi folks ☻ I need help finding the following adventures from Living Forgotten Realms (that are no longer available in for some reason):

DALE1-01 The Prospect (1-4)
DALE1-03 Master and Servant (7-10)
DALE1-06 The Vesperin Initiative (11-14)
CORE2-10 Upon the Sea of Stars (17-20)

I intend to run a D&D 4E campaign that provides a coherent storyline ending in the EPIC adventures that bring the campaign to a close at level 30 (and the aforementioned modules are some of those mentioned, or are linked together story-wise). Adjustments are to be made in terms of XP acquisition (will likely use milestones instead), adventure design (to be a little looser than as found in the original adventures), and item rewarding (will likely use inherent bonuses instead), and there'll be lots of room for character growth and development through heavy use of the MYREALMS adventures as inspiration.

If you know of any additional LFR or third party adventures that could help enrich the story behind the EPIC, I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd let me know about them ☻

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Culture, tradition and religion can never justify the denial of human rights.

Today is the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. Check out United Nations Free & Equal's new #CultureOfLove campaign:

#LGBTI #IDAHOT #StandUp4HumanRights

Okay, this is a bit of a doozy, and I don't think my friend -- who put forward this suggestion -- would have the time to help me out on this. Plus, if anyone in AL even tried pulling this off, I'd love to get your input on what we're about to pull off:

We want to run ALL hardcover books (except Curse of Strahd) in one coherent campaign that follows the entire timeline of all the seasons.

So far, we came up with this:
* Start with Out of the Abyss
* Escape to Horde of the Dragon Queen
* Introduce Princes of the Apocalypse briefly
* Introduce Storm King's Thunder
* Start Rise of Tiamat
* Finish HotDQ
* Finish SKT
* Finish PotA
* Use Tomb of Horrors as part of RoT
* Finish RoT
* Finish OotA

We need help refining the progression, to ensure that we can complete each book without going over the level limit. If we can include more Tales from the Yawning Portal, all the better.

Strahd's domain screws up the adventurers' mobility across the realm and across the seasons, hence the dropping of said book.

This would also be a 100% hardcover-based campaign (with a gentleman's agreement among players to keep the experience and the EXP controlled).

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Just a quick question:

Tomb of Horrors only tells us that high level characters have a chance to survive high level, but there's no explicit level recommendation like any adventure before it, right?

So does that mean that a generous DM would lay off running this until the adventuring party is close to level 16 (if not after reaching level 17), whereas a murderous DM can run this at any level?

Just asking, because I'm curious as how AL would handle it.

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