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Android on Nokia ( -virtual buttons)
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Dual Sim? What's the stuff on the left side of the status bar?
Actually looks like asha has a android baby
At least it's +Androidfrom +Nokia

It should be from the beginning

Hop to see 40mp camera on it

#Nokia just think about how many person are going to buy it
Interesting ... Welcome to the new world ... 
Looks good for a budget phone.. I wonder what this will be priced at..
That's gotta be the worst nav button arrangement ever seen on an Android-powered device.
If Nokia isn't doing something like this, it may become like Blackberry. #fail
I would like to see this on a 5 inch screen phone, I think they will use swipe gestures to control the UI like the meego os 
Please tell me this is still in production 
I don't get it, what's the point of Android without access to Play Store. Amazon has been successful in forking Android, but then they had the money and resources to build up a competing app store, something I can't see Microsoft would want to do

Unless, this is to replace Asha phones and will really be a locked down smartphone OS running as a dumbphone
+Alan Lin sad, but so true.. Shitty MS will never aloud to bring nokia-android phones out, but when yes than the phone will be low end so they can say how better MS on a phone is, whats not true. 
+Oliver P. If this comes to the market, I'm doubtful that they will even mention Android in their marketing message. Presumably, they will market it as something entirely different

I'm curious though on the navigation, this only has a back button
when come ?????????????????????
aouuu.. skype...
does it hav a front cam...???
nt clear in the pic...!!!
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