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Samsung exploring new smartphone UI.
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Pier Galeone
Hallelujah, no more gingerbread theme!
I like the new icon off dialer, browser and magazine !!!
Android 4.4 KitKat UI for TouchWiz.
i hope they leave Nature UX and TouchWiz alone. i like it as it is. if i wanted a boring launcher i'd have bought a Nexus. if i wanted a bland, flat design, i'd have bought a Windows Phone.
At least this looks better than the Android gingerbread era TW UI. I hope this one is lighter on usage as well.
i will never understand everyone's obsession with 'modern and clean'. at all. why buy a super AMOLED HD high PPI screen to relive the UI of the late 1980s?
if they ditch the neat take on Skeuomorphism i'll find some manufacturer who still supports it. not EVERYONE likes flat design.
+Pier Galeone  i was not making jokes. i actually like things as they are. i ditched my iPhone because i hate flat design and iOS 7 ruined it for me. that's why i got a S3. it still has the comforts i enjoy. if they ruin it i'll find someone who offers a solution for those few of us who hate flat design. i don't want a copy  of AOL from 1996 or Windows 8. thanks.
not only has Samsung given me a neat take on skeuoorphism but they also have a nice adaptive nature theme, which goes perfectly with my own love of nature.
The moment I saw "My Magazine" on my Galaxy Note 3, I could tell they were going to try it as a UI.  I'll have to use it before I pass judgement.
+Nick Dalzell You are in the minority then. And unfortunately for you, It seems to be current trend in software design.
I, and most people, like it, it just looks more aesthetically pleasing, I think. 
+León Castillejos Fernández People like you only complain no matter what happens and it's really irritating. Touchwiz is bloated but it's easily better than Sense UI and one of the best experiences of android. 
Juan C
That second screen remind me a lot of HTC Blinkfeed
well Android is supposed to be about choice. and i would rather utilize my screen and hardware's 3D potential rather than relive the UI of the early  days of computing. flat design is boring and too sterile. too much white and such too. 
hell i prefer my home decor to be warm and cabin-like rather than cold and sterile just the same.
i can only hope Flat design is just a fad like AOL was. 
I just want them to get rid of that damn page identifier (that's what I call it lol) above the dock. I have to lose an extra row of apps bc of it. It's annoying and the only reason I use Nova now (although I love the customization). Other than that, I have no problem with TW bc it works....especially on my Note 3
Looks great! Don't know whether themed fake or original. The usual Touchwiz dock button placement are there. Looks like evolved into our social profile like Google+,Facebook etc. Let's see only time will tell. But Samsung will overhaul the Touchwiz of Android 4.4 for sure, let's hope for the best.
if they do you can guarantee i won't update. i hate flat design and can't stand how it's overtaking everything. we had a nice 3-D augmented reality thing going and what do we do? recreate the UI of Windows 1.0 and DOS again.
oh, and then we resurrect the stylus too (the note series)
+Nick Dalzell umm okay except that this isn't iPhone so you can just download a launcher and make it look like however the hell you want. Also, Samsung isn't going to listen to the lonely few who actually like touchwiz. They saw that many prospective and current customers want a change and are listening to the masses. 
I thought status bar icons MUST be white in KitKat? Or did I misunderstand something?
+Nicholas Costa  except there are ZERO Skeuomorphic UI launchers on the market. zero. Samsung's TouchWiz had the only option for those who were seriously turned off by iOS 7's flatness and use of white.
guess i'll hold on to my S3 for a bit longer, or hope the Note 3 i want to upgrade to will have the older UI before i get it.
Sharp... very sharp..: )
+León Castillejos Fernández 1) 86% of people buy cases for their phones so who really cares what the phone is made out of if you're just going to have a (plastic) case over it? 2)Mixing capacitive and physical buttons is actually quite nice at times and is better for if and when you're phone freezes so that's actually pretty smart. 3)Samsung is already one of the better choices for android. Their beast phones make it so that if you don't want to have touchwiz, you can just get the phone, root it and still have those hardcore specs that trump ever other manufacturer. 4)Saying that their devices look like toys is purely personal preference. Their devices look pretty good.
oh really? the plastic vs metal debate? didn't they do a torture test against the iPhone and GS3 and found the GS3 lived longer? so much for 'flimsy' plastic.
that's still a theme. it does nothing to bring the skeuomorphics back to the stock apps like Samsung Music, S voice, menus, email, etc. it just changes the launcher theme. the rest of the crappy flat design era is intact otherwise.
people need to realize Android is about choice. not having things forced on us. flat design might have a few fans but not everyone likes a clone of Windows 8 or WebOS. not everyone likes sterile and clean. some of us are perfectly content with Nature and organic.
guess i really should be blaming Microshaft for forcing this awful flat UI on all of us.
+Nicholas Costa  apparently as everyone seems to have started copying the same  flat crap as they did with their metro design. it's not that different. Microsoft started it with Windows Phone. everyone  else just got addicted to it and now forces their sterile crap on everyone whether they like it or not. choices be damned...even in Android.
Hahhaaahaha!!! vanilla experience NEXUS 5 NEXUS LINE ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!{~_~}
here's an idea. if you want boring, bland, clean, modern, whatever the hell you call the flat  design, buy a Nexus. don't force everyone to follow Ballmer's and Ive's design ideas.
Even the Samsung apps logo like link, video aren't updated
I love how these posts create dialogue and controversy that ends up having absolutely nothing to do with themselves.
+Nick Dalzell iphone:downgrade the os through iTunes.
S3:dont worry, the phone is already struggling with its current version, it's latest version update will be to 4.3, you can dream all you won't but you're not gonna get 4.4 so you'll stay to your lovely Touchwiz UI. 
but the apps themselves are. just putting a theme doesn't change the actual UI. TouchWiz is more than a launcher. it's also the general UX including the status bar, menus, buttons, and stock apps like S Notes and such. changing the icons won't change the updated versions' UI when opened. i hate white, i hate helvetica fonts, and i hate reliving the early days of 2-D  computing in 16 pastel colors. the days of CRTs, stylus's, and 2-D are long done. time to move on to a more augmented reality 3-D theme.
+Wajd Tohme  that would be nice if Apple didn't block the ability to downgrade iOS 7 to iOS 6. 
Happy it got a refresh but still, no touch wiz for me.
and while i'm happy my S3 gives me an option, not sure if the Note 3 i want will. maybe they will still allow me to refuse the OTA.
+Nick Dalzell you're in the few then. TouchWiz just simply has too much. Samsung's features are good in parts, but when you through everything at once you get an ugly, laggy, and simply annoying interface. The only android skin worse than touchwiz is lg's skin
then why buy a Samsung then? if you want clean, modern, Windows 8 looking, buy a Nexus. why should Samsung comform to the wants of those who want boring and bland?
personally there are a lot of folks, not just me, who like the nature theme and Touchwiz. some don't and root, but most do. being a nature and animal lover, and fan of skeuomorphism, i prefer it as it is. 
Same old Samsung. Can't do anything but copy HTC or Apple. 
perhaps i'm just the demographic Samsung used to cater to? they used to target their phones to former Apple users. there is a reason they offered a similar approach to the UX
actually i would say they do far better. they IMOPROVE Apple. at least we can customize while iPhone cannot. but if they start playing the Flat Design crap i'll find a manufacturer who still appreciates the beauty of 3-D and high resolution screen tech.
The middle one in the center might be Google plus
it has the same flat design ideas that Windows 8 started. Microsoft brought the flat design plague on us, everyone else just modified it. then you got Ive's take on it, called iOS 7, and Google's WebOS take on it. either way, MS started this flat design thing. everyone else just modified it to their own theme. it's the same lack of depth, lack of color, white and font use, and boring 2-D thing i used to live with during the days of Windows 3.1 and i'm not going back to those days.
i don't like flat. the world is not flat. i like depth, color, 3-D and realistic. and i'm sure i'm not alone there. there are tons of folks hating iOS 7 and going to Samsung because they hate flat as much as i do. now Samsung wants to do the same flat crap. 
before long we will be back on PocketPCs running Windows CE and using stylus pens again. so much for forward tech.
I'm all for change, but can they cure the notorious Touchwiz lag? 
That first pic hurts my eyes to look at, but its something different. 
+Midas Gordon-Farleigh no, it's up to the OEM. Just like 4.0+ didn't have blue status bar icons as a MUST. It's only the notification icons (from apps) that are white and that's out of OEM hands because it's apps who set those icons. And even then, some app developers choose to make their notifications colorful if they want to. 
what lag? my S3 doesn't lag even with 4.3! i'm not against change, i'm against change for the sake of  change. there is nothing wrong with how it is now. if you want that stupid take on Windows 8 flatness, get a damn Nexus. you will get updates faster anyway. you flat design trolls can stop influencing Samsung and just keep your theme on the devices it's designed for.
there ARE people who don't want to be forced into the Flat era. 
finaaly some good news may be bring it near the stock android
+Nick Dalzell I think it is what it is, a lot of people were complaint about touchwiz being to boring and needing a change so maybe this is Samsungs way of giving people one.
+Nick Dalzell Seriously? Your S3 doesn't lag on 4.3? I've installed the official firmware (the "fixed" one for my i9300), and it still lags badly! 
why is it that when Google offers an option for vanilla Android and its boring launcher you still don't buy it and opt for Samsung to cater to your flat whims? that doesn't make any sense! Google has a perfect phone for you and you instead force Samsung to cater to the same thing and force those of us who like things as they are and want to see more 3-D, not less, to use something we find ugly and lacking depth!
+Nick Dalzell actually as someone who had an s3 and s4, I found that those phones get significantly faster without the Touchwiz UI (used nova and action launcher pro) and even faster with CM ROM and the s4 got faster with the GE ROM. Now sporting an N5 and faster than both. And I found that the s3 and s4 did have lag (you may not, and that's totally okay and it might have been my phones had issues) HOWEVER, there is a case of forced lag which is in the hardware button. In order to use a double press, Samsung added a 0.5 second wait for a second press before the home button action would activate. 
TouchWiz is anything but boring. it offers many things that one would need to root a phone to do (customizable toggles on the status bar pull down for one) but also gives the neat extra of some of Apple's past skeuomorphisms (S Barometer, S Notes, Samsung Music, S Voice) with a nice mix of neat widgets (the Accuweather widget with the changing nature scenery). the lock screen water ripple or light effect, the live nature wallpaper that changes with the weather. all things i have come to know and love about Samsung phones and phablets. it combined my love of tech as well as nature and a perfect 3-D high res theme that really took advantage of the Super AMOLED screen's use of color and brightness and strong blacks. and now everyone is wanting to revert to the late 1990s and AOL look again. sad. and worse yet, even if people like the OPTION of keeping what they have, once a part of Android is having choice, now everyone wants to have Google pull an Apple and force EVERY phone manufacturer to conform to the same ugly flat design trend that is running amok in tech lately. where's the choice? first Google wants everyone to lose SD Cards and removable batteries, another past Android exclusive, and now everyone bows to Google making it look boring, flat, colorless, and thin. perhaps you should have iPhones?
+Keith Morris no, my phone hasn't lagged at all. the only time i get lag is with an SD Card installed. but that's a fault of my SD Card not my phone. for what i use my phone for, it not only feels responsive, but gets decent battery life too. i may be running stock TouchWiz 4.3, but i am still rooted.
i'm not sure how different the i9300 is to the SGH-i535 though. 
+Nick Dalzell the cloud is killing SD cards not Google. And removable batteries are great, but give me some battery saving features and cut out the bs features.
i tried a CM ROM with KitKat and the Google Experience. it didn't last long. the speed i did get, which is part of ART, wasn't worth losing the many features i used on my GS3, such as my Galaxy Gear support, Smart Stay, and Samsung Apps. i use all of that. i might be one of very few who use S Voice but i actually like it, of course, i came from the iPhone with Siri. iOS 7 made me get a GS3.
however, a lot of lag that i agree was present in 4.1.2 is gone in 4.3. that might be TRIM, but it might be my deleting a lot of apps and games i never use on it. Dalvik gets full and things slow down regardless of the skin or lack thereof.
Google is embracing the cloud and promoting the death of SD Cards (they even got a webpage explaining their position on it). their Nexus line (sans Galaxy Nexus) has no option for SD Cards. as for removable batteries, i don't like being forced to throw away a perfectly functioning phone when the battery no longer holds a charge after two years. unless i find an upgrade worthwhile, i often keep what i have so long as it does what i want it to. that means i can hold onto tech for many years.
+Nick Dalzell Yeah, I'm rooted too, and I've experienced lag on gallery, messaging, the keyboard when opening for the first time. I've debloated, cleaned etc, but still experience ram issues. 
ironically my battery life was much worse on the KiKat ROM and is better with TouchWiz. not sure why but it only lasted a total of 7 hours standby and got really hot on CM 11, and the signal was lousy. i couldn't make phone calls at home, and had no bars at work (probably what killed the battery too). with stock rooted, it gets 4G LTE and two bars at both locations.
sacrificing features for speed, including useful features such as making/receiving phone calls, is not an option.
It's funny that you mention iOS, because Samsung wants to copy them to provide easy transition for people like you who had iOS, got upset by it and want something similar, and now that Apple moved away from skeumerphism, Samsung is gonna move away from it too, for future iOS refugees customers. 
Not your fight +Jared Persinger. I want to start suppen, this constant samsung bashing is ridiculous, no matter what they do you have douchebag like +León Castillejos Fernández that always will find a problem, do you guys think everyone wants plain old stock android? Choice is great that's why I bought an s4
+León Castillejos Fernández Obviously, you think everyone has the same opinion as you. You're wrong. The design of galaxy phones is quite nice. Not premium, but not negligible like you say. The button pressing up against your body is really fixable: put it in another pocket. Duh. You are actually the one who's clueless about financing. Only a fool like yourself would pay more money to make the phone and sell it for less than it's actually worth. Which is exactly what HTC did and is exactly why they're profits drop with each passing quarter. Samsung is smart and makes a phones with material that isn't extremely expensive so they can make that monet back tenfold within a few weeks. And the new material that their note devices are made of actually feels quite premium. All you've proven is that you should never be in charge of a mobile company (and your opinions should never even be taken into consideration) and that you've never held or used a galaxy device in your life.
+Keith Morris i would say that such issues can happen on any ROM, TouchWiz or not. it also depends on the usage patterns and everyone's is different. i am not sure what advantage comes with 'de-odexed' but my ROM is stock but is de-odexed and has KNOX removed. the 4.3 should have come with KNOX but i found a rooted ROM that had it deleted. i do, however, love Nature UX as it is, and prefer my features intact. i like the gimmicks. coming from an iPhone after the nightmare of iOS 7 was forced on me with no way back, i have come to appreciate Samsung holding onto the UI that is similar but with extras i enjoy a bit longer. no one else does. not HTC, not Motorola, not Google (of course, not Google.). i would despise using a phone that caters to the Flat UI trend. i hate it. i can't stand it. maybe because i'm old enough to remember the days of 2-D like Windows 3.1 and AOL 4.0. i don't feel comfortable reliving them again.
if i put my previous 200 apps/games on the CM ROM i was running, it would both lag and random reboot. 
+Nick Dalzell Samsung had TRIM support since 4.0. Also, the difference between i9300 vs. i9305 and the carrier version is the processor and the RAM. I9300 had 1gb ram and exycon while i9305 and carrier versions had snapdragon with 2gb ram. (also differences in which ones had lte) 
i moved from iOS because of iOS 7. at least Samsung held onto skeuomorphisms longer. and i hope they don't force the flat crap down everyone's throats too. then there would be no option for those of us who prefer a realistic look that is extra nice on a super high PPI screen (that even beats iPhone mind you). what's the point of a nice beautiful touchscreen if you're looking at a take on Pocket PC 2002?
+Nick Dalzell I'm on CM 10.2 at the moment, and seems pretty stable, just miss the touchwiz camera 
And ART isn't related to why it's faster, it's the lack of process heavy UI and always running software that slowed down Touchwiz. 
whenever i tried a stock vanilla ROM i was bored with the lack of depth and loss of skeuomorphism. i also had worse battery life and poor signal. and all the features i use, including S Voice, Smart Stay, voice control, and yes, the camera, were gone. i had essentially spent $600 on a Nexus 4. why? if you want a Nexus buy a Nexus. it makes no sense to buy a phone that obviously wasn't meant for you.
+Keith Morris it did, especially with Samsung using almost always at least half a gb, after cm, it would remain at 200 mb for phone stuff. And the rest for my apps. 
if we are all forced to not only lose removable batteries, but also SD Cards, and are also forced to use a flat designed UI, what then, makes Android different than an iPhone? Google would just lock things down the same way.
+Nick Dalzell you use 200 apps? Jeez man, I use 14. 20 if I download the apps that I don't use at all but might use. 
i did. and it caused a ton of issues. that is why i mentioned ART vs Dalvik. CM 11 wasn't the first Custom ROM i ran on this phone. i used many. some with Ice Cream, others with 4.2.2 and when i switched the phone from Dalvik to ART in 4.4, it obviously had a speed boost with UI transitions and launching apps. it also crashed a lot less. but in the end the UI was bland, boring, and i missed the features that came stock with my GS3. so i went back to stock. 
afterwards i realized i don't need that many apps. i trimmed them down and i think it's now like 80 total if you include the Samsung apps i use. i disabled the rest of the stuff i don't use. i could probably delete their APKs if i decide i'll never use them and debloat the ROM.
i will say this, Google Now is nothing close to  S Voice. it can't even turn Bluetooth on or off. it can't control half the stuff i want. it won't launch non-Google apps. it's not good enough. i can't unlock my screen in KitKat with my voice either. 
I'm holding out for the S5, it'll be interesting to see what Samsung will do with it. 
with that flat boring Nexus UI you won't need so many Gigs of RAM anyway.
i hope NOT. if they ruin what i love about their UI i'll have to find an older iPhone that still runs older iOS. because Android will no longer have what i want anymore.
Well, like you said, you, and some others, enjoy the skeumerphism of iOS of old times 👴 and the touchwiz UI and we enjoy the clean flat UI. To us, it isn't boring, so relax, to each his own opinion. 
Better than blinding holo blue. goes well with the nature theme. but so out of place against this flat monstrosity
+Wajd Tohme  then there should be a choice. isn't choice a thing with Android? instead you want every manufacturer including Samsung to make Nexus phones with the same boring UI. where's the options?
i want my Android to be anything but plain. if it comes to that i will stop using it.
Like the change, hopefully they fixed the lag as well 
it's change for the sake of change. a bad move. 
all i can hope for is that Flat Design will be just a passing fad. it will hopefully be binned with the likes of AOL 4.0, Windows 3.1and WebOS
no bother i'll bash HTC here. Locked Bootloader. No SD Card slot. No removable batteries. worse UI than TouchWiz. small screen.
+Chris Kochinsky  not to the many who actually enjoy Nature UX as it is. not everyone wants flat design with the overuse of white, helvetica new ultra thin, and a 2-d look like AOL 4.0. Android is all about choice but Google seems to be influencing many manufacturers to force this flat ugliness on everyone whether they like it or not. they're becoming Apple.
perhaps we should all go back to Pocket PC 2002 and resisitve touchscreens since you all favor boring plain 2-D UI and styluses.
hell i thought we'd see much more richer colors, more 3-D, perhaps a real projector-3-D screen, augmented reality and so on like sci fi. now we want to be back in the 1980s...
it's not that bad. green is easier on the eyes with a combined nature theme. but on this flat ugliness yea, it is out of place. apparently you don't have issues with your eyes being super sensitive to the bright, blinding electric blue that is on most microwave displays and smart TV LEDs lately.
but i can't stand black and white which is pretty much the Google way. next thing we will have is e-ink screens on our phones. color is old! Glorious Black and White is back! My grandparents would be proud...
actually S Voice does far more than Google Now. Google Now just ask it to turn on wifi or turn off bluetooth. you get a nice 'this feature is not supported'. blah. part of what i enjoy about S Voice is the ability to control my phone WITHOUT touching the screen and lacing it with fingerprints.
Besides, G Now is ugly as hell with its bad ripoff of WebOS. next thing we will see is the 'Too many cards' error pop up.
+Pier Galeone isn't that like saying a piece of crap is unbelievably beautiful compared to a pool of vomit? Just because it's better than current touchwiz doesn't mean it's great...
MUCH BETTER! I'm a fan of Samsung's current touchwiz UI; however, at times it can be a little too bubbly.
if you want too 'bubbly' then take a look at PS Vita UI. that's a perfect example of skeuomorphism gone bad.
omfg that is the most hideous thing I have ever seen... holy shit. I would have never thought Samsung could do worse than what they already had.....  but here I am....
finally, someone here with some sense!
They should.... b'coz nature UI sucks ... ! 
yeah if you like flat and no depth. just like Pocket PC 2002 and such.
i think most of you are far better off with a Nexus and not trying to ruin what we like about Samsung.
clean and minimal as in boring, bland and featureless. Nexus people, Nexus! stop making Samsung conform!
i hate sterile hospital themes. too much white, no color, flatness. no graphics. no theme
I've just noticed the horrible icon font. :-\ Hopefully they'll fix that 
Absolutely horrible attempt from Samsung as usual this time following everyone else with the trend of a more flat design and still end up over doing it with fantasy lord of the rings junk colors and shapes..
I dont have a problem with touch wiz my note 3 does not lag not to sure how I feel about this design tho I'm not impressed
I like the color set and icons, but holy lol that font looks like a teenage girls diary.
They are using clipboard magazine for touchwiz and windows metro for their tablets
+Tyler Webb i bet you can guess whos the target demography for the new design?:p
Interesting reading the difference in opinions. But honestly, this is way better than the current Touch Wiz. Still too early to tell (even if this was coming out) cuz we are yet to see how the in-app UI would look like with this theme.
No soft keys. Poor choice Samsung.
So design has finally moved from a group of interns to associates.
Still need to redesign some application icons
What's innovative about this design?, maybe someone should help me out cos I can't decipher it.
Ugly screenshots! Fix battery drain first ya fucks!!!!.
Also stick you're KNOX bullshit up your ass!!
My Galaxy S3 on 4.3 is fucking useless. I unrooted for Gear Watch compatibility and the Bluetooth phone calls was brutal. Tried an S4 and a Note 3, nice phones but same bullshit TW and this is there answer? No thanks.
+Sowande Brown-Lawson you picked up on that...... Yes mostly for OTA updating to 4.3 with no way to root and get rid of TW. I bought a new phone because of it!!!!
I don't even like Samsung, but this looks so much better than current touchwiz.
+Nick Dalzell you're gathering a lot of information on the UI refresh from what looks to be three still images. Lest you for get that most a UI's perceived depth comes from animation. 
The Touchwiz Nature UI is what you guys are referring to as Gingerbread style. I'm sure this new leaked UI will still be under the Touchwiz name. +Pier Galeone +Kripa Singh
It's hilarious that "the masses" are complaining about TW and compacitive and physical buttons, but Samsung has a ridiculous market share (and growing). If customer complaints means spending more and more money on Samsung products, then from their prospective, let them keep on complaining! Samsung is changing things bc they need to if they want to stay stay ahead of the pack. The people that are complaining are people that don't even purchase Samsung products, or Nexus geeks that purchase Samsung products bc their flagship has better hardware than previous Nexuses (Nexus 5 has great hardware for price range btw). Majority of ppl don't care bc there's the playstore to fit our needs and if that isn't enought, there's always rooting/flashing roms.

+Keith Morris my S3 didn't lag and my mother's don't. My Note 3 is a certified beast as well. I owned the Nexus 4 (wanted the 5, but chose Note 3) and there is no lag, but a slight difference in animation speed which can be adjusted in settings. No need to do on my Note 3 because it flies with daily use. Ask anyone that owns the device. 
+Tierre Jevon the thing about people and their tech reviews is only a small amount of nerds come online and complain about Samsung and TW. While majority on the users of those devices are happy and to busy to post online about foolishness.
+Tierre Jevon personally I love Samsung phones because of the physical and captive buttons and also the back and menu button setup as it seem more ergonomic for one hand use on a larger display. After flashing 4.4 Kit Kat on my Note 2 I will say I still prefer touchwiz and hope Samsung keeps their own Android ecosystem the way it is because it's nice having a choice which some people can't understand.
Why do they want to move the Apps button so bad? 
+Greg Parks I agree and I like vanilla...but it is boring as shit plus they act as if they didn't/don't have issues...lies I say!
If they take as long sorting this out as they are taking with the update to 4.4 kit kat for the Samsung galaxy s4, then we might see this in two to three years, it says it all when htc are beating Samsung to updating their phones, the updating with Samsung as become a joke. 
i really don't know how the android interface can be changed drastically. it's the same android.
+Sowande Brown-Lawson again certified does not always mean it isn't there... I'm not condoning or agreeing with it just saying the fact that it can run Android does not mean it isn't Tizen. How many of the 10 million users of CyanogenMod use gapps yet CyanogenMod even received a C&D to stop using them years ago... Open source is a far far different world then proprietary OS users understand....
All they need to do is add a theme option .... Simple 
I hope this happen touch wiz is incredibly outdated.
I'm liking this
Can't wait to see a finished product (galaxy s5).
+Nick Dalzell dude, honestly are you on Samsung's payroll? Of all the people I know in real life everyone is either indifferent or hates TouchWiz. Apple FIRED the guy the guy responsible for their old UI. Current one is courtesy of Jon Ives. Samsung is just following apples lead yet again.
Still reluctant to fully utilize the huge screen estate...
Previously hey ripped off apples use of real-life textures like metal paper and wood for their actual applications
+Sowande Brown-Lawson everyone in the industry copies to some degree. It is just that Samsung is so shameless about it. Aside from iOS v1, I'd say Google is responsible for the most innovation in mobile UI design. I do wish they would bring back Roboto font though
+Nick Dalzell Why not just put a launcher on your phone with a TW theme? You could even go an extra step and just flash a TW custom ROM, if you do desired. The point is, you have options. 
+Tierre Jevon haha! I hear ya! I don't even mind the page identifier; it's the fact it take up so much space. I'm so glad it looks like Samsung is cleaning up their UI. People don't need anymore features they likely won't use.
+Nicholas Costa MS did actually influence smartphone UI with Metro. It even went as far as web design. MS didn't invent anything, but they were influential. It's just a fact.
If you guys don't like the UI just get a launcher and icon pack. What's the big deal?
Ci voleva uno svecchiamento. Speriamo bene!
+Sowande Brown-Lawson well, Tizen reportedly will be able to run both native apps and Android apps bc it's based on Linux. And if you know anything about Tizen, you'd know that MeeGo was shut down in favor of Tizen. And I've never felt the need or want to use Samsung's apps. If I want to I can. Why does it bother u that they have similar apps to Google? Some people may not like the Google branded apps and use Samsung's or any 3rd party app from the playstore as a replacement. I know some people who prefer HTC's email client over Gmail (still use Gmail account...and even the Samsung's version). Why is that such a big deal? Why are u butt hurt?

Android is meant to give users choices. Seems like you want to take that away and have Google force everyone to use only Google apps and services. There are some really great Samsung apps that I use and prefer over Google's and some that I don't like or use...disable them. It's funny how other OEMs do this, but Samsung is the only one that is pointed out.
+Michael Conrad lol true...The features don't bother me because I can turn them off. Some people actually like that crap. At the end of the day, Samsung gives their customers options. I don't think I'll go Nexus again until they do something dramatic. I prefer not to flash roms. Something always breaks.
they give their customers options NOW. but if they pull this flat design crap i am not sure there would be any way to go back to what once was without a whole lot of hacking
I'm all for a new look. I really want them to work on the messaging app since that's how mainly communicate. I hate the way the inbox looks. And they need to work on the notifications on the home screen.

I'm happy they finally put emoijs on their keyboards though. 
I hope it's not as heavy as touchwiz or maybe a lighter touchwiz.
super mobile samsung galaxy S5

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