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Google Nexus 5, in red, by LG.
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Is it going to be that red thats really highlighter orange like the bumper case?
Hey +@evleaks what did I do on twitter to make you block me? I really enjoyed following you on there. I hope it is some mistake, I cannot remember doing anything to you besides some favorites and retweets! Please fix it! Thanks :)
You can make yours red for $25 with dbrand
I don't think it looks too bad, but that ear piece coloring is awful. It should be black so it has a solid black appearance when off. Same issue with the white one.
If it's matte, I'm switching mine for that one.
+William Bentley We live in a digital world where there's chargers in your office, at home and in your car. You'll live. 
Cool! But no thanks I'm happy with my black Nexus 5 and I have the red case from Google soooo 
Wouldn't it be cool to have something like Moto-Maker for the Nexus line. That would be taking customizability to a whole new level for the Nexus. :)
Hmm...looka nice. May just consider it over a black N5
Just in time for Chinese New Year !  All Chinese look good in red.
I have the black, and I will get the red soon...... Trust me..... 
Surly Vodafone uk have to sell this ....please!!
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