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Another mystery OPPO
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I wish T- Mobile would carry these. I know their GSM, but I'm on the Jump plan and would like to get my phone through them.
Yeah, they're currently doing things that no other device manufacturer has done. Touch-based recovery instead of 3e with volume up/down. They released an official custom ROM which is signed so it can be flashed through the stock recovery. They work with any developer who wants to get information about their the device (CM/XDA). They release firmware betas on their own forums so people can try and discuss. On social media they even show videos on how to root and install custom firmware.

The best part is that they are releasing high-end hardware. They were the first with a 1080p display before all the other guys like HTC and Samsung were doing it.

On top of that, when Apple stated the iPhone 5 was the thinnest phone in the world, they were wrong.. The media said it was the Moto RAZR, but it was actually the +OPPO Finder.

Oppo has been a top notch company for a long time. Way better than Samsung, HTC, or any of the other guys. Their build quality is high and they are doing great things. If you don't know the name Oppo, learn it. 
As soon as +OPPO drops a T-Mobile #lte banded phone I'll be back to them! I've grown fond of my #lte in Houston! 
Oppo is the ONLY alternative to the Nexus serie. Awesome hardware at the right price. Samsung and the others have so much to learn from Oppo...
Would love to see +OPPO release a cdma/lte version but I'm not counting on it.
Cdma is not highly used in the rest of the world, gsm is, so most companies that develop phones for the rest of the world have no interest in Cdma. The US is the last country that is holding tight to the outdated tech... 
Love thin
Yep...CDMA just needs to die out already. In the US we desperately need LTE to become a standard on all carriers so that any phone purchased will work across all networks.
Yep, LTE Advanced which allows for VoLTE is where things are headed but just not fast enough! :P

I like what i am hearing about Oppo.
+Adam Outler the Find5 has a Snapdragon 600.... Not the 800. 

They have definitely been the upstart in the industry, but they will continue to have problems distributing outside of China for many reasons. They have some opportunities to expand, but they need to take a chance on them and that's tough for them to do.
Right. I was thinking about the rumored refresh. 
Man, Oppo phones are so nice!! I'm seriously considering one to replace my Gnex.
Why does it look so cool.
+Adam Outler The Oppo Find 5 got the Snapdragon 600 update in July, which is after the HTC One and SGS4.  But they were indeed the first in with the 1080p display.
I m using oppo find5 and have decided not to use any other phones in furture..oppo is simply best... y pay huge money for just brands...oppo supper hardware and super software... +OPPO 
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