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Holes. Time. Colors.

Also, like its predecessor, look for M8 to arrive as a Google Play Edition.
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Looks like a flip cover not the actual screen guys 
+Mike Neufeld True. But the thing is, the colors are too saturated. My S4 max brightness is very low compared to an HTC's LCD.
That is the best and most ingenious cover I have ever seen.
+Shane Indyk Yes, but we're speculating about whether it is AMOLED because it will need to turn on only those pixels to avoid a battery drain.
+Kleverson Royther it looks like a flip cover with some kind of panel of its own. That doesn't look like it's using the phones screen. 
Not if the flip case has its battery in the cover the concept is already invented
The title has 'Holes' in it, it obviously means the cover has holes in it and it's not another screen. 
that's is there any chance that the GPE works with Verizon this time around please please please? ;-)
Amoled to save battery on the quick notifications and the moto x was brilliant screen so might not be to bad 
maybe the lights are gesture activated like nokia glance
Thats pretty cool
For realsies? This is cool as Canada. 
+carl martin +Alexander Fu Coming from a HTC one to the note 3 I have to say I prefer the AMOLED panel, just. The note 3 is brighter than the s4 and I can see it perfectly outside. Personally I like the added vibrancy of the colours but you can always turn them down if you find the saturation too high. Having pure blacks when watching videos is just awesome. All I miss from my one was the dual speakers.
Finally a good hard with a good software .. Apple should learn from this ..
This just a case with holes so when you press power button you don't have to flip the cover open.  Presumably there is a special lock screen mode that works best with this case.
OK so honest question about the Google Play edition. I'm currently on an N5 but thinking about getting this phone - because of the rumored camera features, update to Sense, front facing speakers...Why do some opt for the Google Play Edition? You lose anything that HTC has 'added on' right? So like if the camera does allow you to reset the focus point after the shot, you wouldn't be able to do that on straight Android, right? This phone with regular Android, I don't see much difference to my N5 and my N5 is cheaper. I'm figuring I'm missing something but don't know what.
Goodbye Samsung.... Hello HTC!!!!!
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