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Did everyone miss this? Sony XSP-N1BT: "world's first" in dash cradle / double-DIN receiver for XPERIA.
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If I had a car, this would be neat. My phone does everything most car stereos can, so hey. 
Also dat 2010 Xperia UI
Xperia 2012 Phone with Xperia Eclair UI? MUST HAVE :D
Oooooh properly interested. I have a z1 been looking for something like this for years. 
Looks interesting, but I hold a deep enough grudge against sony to never purchase another of their products. 
+Krisztián Konszky I'm not saying that all their products are bad; just that I've personally had some bad experiences with the company and their good business practices can never make me ignore the bad ones. 
Gue harus punya z1 compact..titik..
I would so buy this if it goes on sale . Awesome Idea!
Oh I'll be getting this for my Z Ultra for sure.  It's nice that it works with other phones too though so I'm not limited.  Anyone know if it'll support a typical aux in via the headphone jack?  I'd rather have the full quality that way than use Bluetooth.  Also will it work with my volume control on my steering wheel in my xB?  
Shut up and take my money!!! 
That article seems to state that it will work with multiple Android devices (even other than Sony, you just won't be able to wirelessly charge I believe) Would love to have my Note 3 plugged into one of these.  I was just thinking about making a mount for my N7...
I seem to be the third guy to notice the Xperia X10 UI on that.
Un Lo
That is awesome! Man Sony are bringing out some great accessories for a change. Bring it on Sony you can have my money. Well done.
That would be perfect for me. Too bad I just bought a new phone...
Funny? Why would this thing be funny?? Learn how to spell.
+William Moore Were most of your bad experiences in the pre-Kaz or post-Kaz days?  Stringer's entire heritage was on the content side of the company (e.g. huge DRM proponent, etc.)  Sony under Stringer was decidedly consumer-unfriendly.

Unlike Stringer, Kaz seems to understand that treating your customer like shit is bad for business.  As a result, post-Kaz Sony is so far proving to be very different from pre-Kaz Sony.  Divisions of Sony (like the former SonyEricsson) that "bucked the trend" in old Sony are now getting encouraged and their attitude/style seems to be getting adopted by the rest of the company.
Jot Sat
Omg! This sounds soo great!
Is it Qi certified or which wireless charging system does it use? 
Looks very nice.  I assume that is the Xperia Z1
+Andrew Dodd it was pre-Kaz, but it's hard to come back from being lied to by tech support/sales and then having them refuse to make it right when provided proof of such lies. I may try again since Sony is under new leadership. 
I can't find it on the net. 
We hope this would not be too expensive 
Tp Mate
Don't u know the saying_'Curiousity kills the cat' ......wo ...
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