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Sony Mobile Xperia Z1 for T-Mobile USA
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That really sucks... I was hoping that a version with AT&T compatible LTE was coming.. Day = ruined 
When is this expected to drop ? I just got the note 3 but want this...decisions
+T-Mobile if someone buys a phone outright will they be able to get it unlocked before they leave the store?
+Thomas Steinmetz if it's paid in full you might be able to start the process.

On my first GS3, they had to take down info for Samsung to mail me the code, I dunno if it's the same with other phones.
+T-Mobile I'm so happy that your getting this phone let me know the time it will drop
I could... But the C6903 doesn't work on AT&T LTE bands. It's missing the 700 frequency AT&T runs on
+Richard Humphrey The great thing about T-Mobile is that you can buy phones they don't sell.  You can buy the Z1 right now and it will work just fine.
+Brian Ward Just not true. It wont work correctly on 4G HSUPA+42 DC, nor will it have Wi-Fi calling.
These are both pretty significant issues.
+Michael Galli most of the Z phones were made with models supporting their AWS and PCS band HSPA+ and LTE.
Not all of them & running non T-Mobile firmware on that network is a bad, bad idea FWIW. Oh, and it came out today this IS coming to Magenta. 
Do anybody know how good your multitasking is on his phone
+Michael Galli curious, why is it a bad idea to run non t-mo firmware? I run an Xperia ZL unbranded on AT&T and it works great (minus the horrible but distinctly separate warranty issues)
This phone will work on AT&T.  Just get it from T-Mobile and unlock it.  Problem solved.
Already using the C6903 on T-Mobile and getting LTE. Love it!
+lisa brown I was wondering if T-Mobiles LTE band was on 1700.  You just confirmed it for me.  ATT does not offer the LTE on 1700 freq, only 700, which the c6903 is not capable.  Looks like I may be switch over...
Come on T-Mobile. Is for poor people when are we rich customer getting this phone on AT&T or Verizon
+Michael Lake The AT&T LTE version is model C6906 but good luck finding it. I think I found one site that has it for sale, they're in Chicago.
Awesome, was thinking of switching to tmo just for this phone 
Lol too late T-Mobile USA! I already have mine! Probably like the original Xperia Z, the bootloader will be locked. *sad face*
I Have the z.....z1 is coming
I have yet to own a Sony phone, the time is coming though 
Im deciding on this or Nexus 5 for T Mobile
I really don't think Sony cares about usa carriers . This isn't the first time so even though the phone looks nice I say the hell with them
A beautiful piece of hardware you'll find.
Dan Lee
+Radi Huggard buy from the UK unlocked. Works worldwide and just put your ATT sim in.
Dan Lee
+Kris Stone don't understand why you want it to be carrier specific. Kinda kills off choice.
I returned my Xperia Z because it had a locked bootloader. Will not buy this one either if the bootloader is unlockable.
This handset is the best I've had, just passed on my iPhone 5 to my daughter and my Samsung Galaxy S4 to my wife and I don't miss them one bit, anyone getting the Xperia Z1 won't regret it, the waterproof aspect is really cool and the camera is awesome
+Dan Lee WAIT, your telling me you have a T-Mobile Xperia Z and it was booy loader unlockable?
Dan Lee
+Jesus Franco it was an unlocked handset that was boot loader unlockable yes. I'll see if I can find the picture I took of the service screen.

I sold it a while back but yes.
Right, but it wasnt the t-mobile version, those come with wifi calling and have a locked bootloader.
Dan Lee
I didn't get it from TM no. But I never get carrier handsets. Ever.
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