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Bezel-haters, rejoice: LG isai FL, coming to au by KDDI in Japan.
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What's with that skin...
Those buttons on the back are tiny. even smaller than the ones on the Verizon g2..
And that skin is looking pretty fugly. 
Yeah, the buttons on the back are tiny, but apart from that and the very small speaker aperture, it looks nice.
Looks like someone put fugly go launcher theme in it....
Can't wait for bezel haters to complain that they dropped their phone and it broke the screen when it landed on the side that would have been protected by the bezel
k like Small bezel. Good job LG
That bezels! So sexy! Much style! New UI! Wow! Hahahaha. 
Now that is sweet! To bad it won't come to the states. :(
Sorry but it's a little bit ugly. Bring bezels back!
Fynn K
Seems like there is also a touchpad , like the one from the Oppo N1, it has the same 'icon' on the back
Bottom bezel is just unacceptable, they forgot that we like symmetry as well! 
I hate that big black logo bar.
Why so much unneeded bezel isai? Why? :D
+Luc Frbežar it definitely hasn't gotten the dedicated htc boomsound amp behind that bezel..because the speakers or speaker are facing backwards on this device.😖
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