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Prime: coming soon [discussion:]
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I will laugh so hard if the Prime version is more plastic...:D
Nice rendering...looks better...
I'm so excited, I just can't hide it, cmon cmon cmon
+kurt hinds two lens and dual led flash! oh boy this camera is going to be hot! Hell yeah I am.👍😁😆
Rob W
Lol, way to screw everyone who jumped on an m8 +HTC
Or they must love him if they're putting his twitter name on the phone 😉
What! .....what is this?! Maybe a better camera. 
I'm thinking the camera bump is so they could increase the ultra pixel count?
This photo is so much hotter than me wife omfg! 
Now if only there could be a M8 Prime mini too. Screw these massive phones and gimped small phones. 
So sexy =o
M8 prime se li fanno anche con display max 5.1 sarebbe buono e maneggevole si stanno fissando di questi fhablet,un cel non più 5.2 il display è giusto poi si esagera
Unfortunately there's always a better device out every two months.
Step off the ledge m8 owners. It will be 5.5" and technically a different category, like the max was last year. No one will be releasing a quad screen lower than 5.5 this year. 
5.5 inch screen I see that's a whole new category imo.
sas bet
Ooo its red! Red goes faster! 
Haha. Okay. I'm not an iPhone user and it was a joke. Go get a massage bro.
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