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LG G Flex 2 coming mid-Q1 2015, possibly with a feature even more unique than self-healing plastic. [discussion:]
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It could do with it, but right now it's battery is flippin' fantastic!
I love my LG G Flex's curved & flexible body with its intuitive Rearkey button layout and its scratch-repairing back. I like that LG knew they couldn't just fit a standard, flat, non flexible battery in the G Flex so they designed the first flexible & curved battery rated at 3500mAh which lasts 33 hours on a single charge with moderate usage. And its 6" P-OLED HD display doesn't disappoint, it's gorgeous, especially thanks to it's 30° curve so viewing angles are even more immersive, and it's the first smartphone and OLED display to use real RGB pixel alignment so colors are clear, accurate, and very true to life. The curve also benefits in outdoor visibility because of the angle in which light refracts off curved glass vs flat glass so it reduces glare naturally, and the display is 422 LUX which is just science for it has one of the brightest displays on the market. And on top of that LG uses their in cell touch technology on the G Flex which means the actual glass is laminated to the display panel so there's no gap between the two for light to get trapped in and it also improves touch accuracy and allows devices to be designed thinner as it brings content closer to you eyes and fingertips. I like that my G Flex has dual notification lights (notification light on the front and the power button on the rear also doubles as one), a feature I've wanted since before the HTC Droid DNA had a dual notification light design. And I really can't find myself not having Q-Slides, KnockON, and Knock Code which is the most secure password entry method on the Smartphone today— yes, even more secure than Samwho's clunky fingerprint scanner. 

The list goes on and on but as you can tell the #GFlex by LG is far better, more practical and intuitive, than the GALAXY Note 3. The G3 is very enticing already. But I can't wait to upgrade to the next G Flex for T-Mobile, the nation's fastest 4G LTE network! 
The G-Flex is just too big for my liking.
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