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LG G Flex for AT&T (D950, left) and T-Mobile USA (D959, right).
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Tim KH
I like +T-Mobile's better. That wallpaper was more thought out.
I can't wait to get hands on this device, I mean my wife's hands. The first truly new innovative device put out by anyone in a bit. Got to give it to LG for trying something new. 
+Graham B I haven't heard anything yet, but with its size, I would think around Note 3 price. 
The only thing i like about the AT%T is thay 4G icon. If i get the tmobile model and root that wont be an issue. Although that tmobile model looks closer to the first Flex that was released. 
I wanna see one of these in person.. I dunno if I can live with that low of DPI coming from a Nexus 4.
Curious if the dates on the phones correspond to their drop dates. Don't T-Mobile phones drop on Wednesdays?
I had hoped we had finally reached a point where there was no reason for two US GSM versions of a phone.  Seriously, why can't the LG G Flex have a single US version/model that supports both AT&T and T-Mobile.  
if everything I am seeing is right why get this. The screen is 720p where most high end phones are 1080p. Also when looking at the note 3 it is 386ppi. The Flex is 245ppi. So unless the O-LED makes that much of a difference the note 3 looks to be better phone for the size. Latest when looking at Phone Arena and GSM Arena, it  says the phone comes with 4.2.2. Why get a phone that is high end with 2 versions old Android. I mean come on not even 4.3. 
Yeeeeees! I'm tired of my t989, the only One reason I've been holding off on getting a new phone! Fuck off neysayers!!!!!!q
Love my G2. My first LG since the Dare. It's bad ass. Nothing out there to persuade me to change at least at this point. 2014 should be interesting. 
No micro sd. 720p. Non replaceable battery. Only good thing is the size of 6"screen. 
+Timothy Alston I don't give a shit!!! Its the COOL FACTOR! And I have 20 /20 vision and I really can't tell the difference between 720 and 1080! But of course every body has their opinion! 
720 is better for battery life, 1080 on tiny screens is such a slight difference that it doesn't matter. Any screen larger than 4.7" is too big, and I have large hands. Micro SD is useless to me, as long as the device is 16-32 GB, everything I do is cloud based.

+Timothy Alston those are legacy complaints. Different situations for all, but as long as batteries last all day, removables are pointless and increase the form factor. 
Rudy M
+Ryan Andes Having a removable battery is important. It has nothing to do with capacity, it's an issue of battery life. Why buy disposable phones? When the battery wears out, like all batteries do, it's landfill time. Can't sell it, hand it down, or give it away if it will only hold a charge for a few minutes. 
+Rudy M I could understand that argument, but I've only had that happen once, on a blackberry curve from 2009. No phone I've bought since has any issues. 
Rudy M
+Ryan Andes the issue is less noticeable because most folks don't keep their phones long enough to experience the wear, but it's a real issue for second hand buyers. Personally I would never buy a fixed battery phone that had been used longer than a year on Craigslist. After 500-700 days the battery in a phone quickly begins to degrade. 
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