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Nokia Normandies, 2014
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Android em estilo Metro? UHDAUSHDA
Looks too much like Windows phone... 
Well at least it'll be Android. Just root and flash it to CM or something else 
Hopefully, Nokia develop an Camera app and release it in the Play Store. 
This Phone Plus AOSP will hopefully be money cause Nokia makes great hardware just not a fan of their software
Tim KH
Love it. CyanogenMod Ftw
/notes mathematical symbol at bottom of phone and rumored specs.
"I dub thee.... Nokia LessThan™"
It looks good, and: different from other Android phones! That's important,actually all manufacturer Android UIs are similar, there are no huge design differences.
As said above, the real fun begins when it gets rooted and developers start creating AOSP-derived ROMs for it.

Unless Nokia goes full evil and locks the bootloader like they do on WP devices.
One of the beauties of Android is the ability to change the look of the interface, through either flashing or just a different launcher installation. So it doesn't matter what the hell it looks like 
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