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M8 will be the first HTC device with on-screen buttons.
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Thank the heavens!! Will the middle button say HTC?
I just hope it's the google way and not done twisted version.
About time. 
Seems like I'm going to return to my first HTC after my fantastic Desire. Well its a toss up between this and Sony D6503
I've got an older htc desire a8182 and I dislike it, dislike it a lot 
About damn time they get rid of physical buttons. It just takes away from the futuristic feel of android. 
If the battery isn't at least 3000mah and the camera isn't at least 13mp, there's no need for me to go to this from a note 3. Too many advantages on the note. I had the HTC one and this note 3 for the longest I've had a phone and I could only trade off for better..not downgrade 
I hate on screen button smh
Awesome! I hope HTC have integrated them properly into sense and they don't just use standard google issue buttons. I still want them to be transparent though! 
Rob M
I'm pumped !!!!! Lets do thus +HTC !!!
I like capacitive touch buttons better, because there is bark space on the bottom no matter what. on the nexus 5 and Moto X, there is empty space that could have been used for buttons giving more screen real estate
+John Castro Htc fills that space up with the speakers though. So it won't be wasted space like on other phones.
Steve G
Fuck yes!!! :))))
well in scotland the m8 is a motorway from glasgow to edinburgh so there
let's just hope they don't mess with the buttons location again
If it has a great design like the One & they offer a +Google Play Edition I may be interested. 
Looks like I'll be waiting for the next HTC phone then
on screen buttons is good and it's very technical
On Screen Buttons? I'm confused what does this mean exactly? Like how the Nexus 5 and Moto X/G are? 
I don't understand how that is news 
It will be hard to overlook the next generation motos. The timely software updated are very appealing. All they need is to get the camera right and a 3000 mah battery. But HTC is my other top choice for this year. 
What does it matter? Lol advantage do u get over compacitive/physical buttons. I like that there are choices on the market
+Tierre Jevon increased screen real estate while maintaing smaller form factor. The ability to have a 3 or 4 button setup depending on preference. Ability to easily change the button order along with long press functionality. No sticky buttons.

Initial batch of htc ones had home button issues. 
+sam danna increased screen real estate? Lol GS4 managed to increase the screen size while staying roughly the same size as the GS3. I've never had any issues with buttons on my HTC devices. And I can also dedicate any app or function I want to a hardware button. There were a couple of Nexus 7's that had screen issues and I was one of them. I don't hate software buttons, but I don't see why every phone has to have them.
+John Lawrence the beautiful thing about on-screen buttons is that no matter how much they fuck up, we just have to root it and change the generic layout file. 
+John Castro I don't think you can win any additional screen realestate as the buttons with eat out some of the screen space. So it is either a bigger screen with less space for buttons or a screen with full usable space with additional dedicated buttons on tge side.

The advantage is virtual screen buttons is they can be customised, and they tilt and go landscape as you use the phone. 
Awesome,I hope the new samsung galaxy s5 will have on screen buttons too , so developers are forced to add immersive mode support
Noo don't leave hardware pleassee 
+Chin Opai I'd much prefer having the buttons like we see on the Nexus phones
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