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HTC T6, non-final artwork
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Just as ugly as the Smaller one, and the smallest one IMO
Not a fan of HTC but ugly isn't something I would call the One design. Pretty nice if you ask me.
I'm wondering why HTC decided to keep the plastic wrap-around like they used on the mini but not on the One. Can't wait to pick this up, 4.7" is just not cutting it anymore.
HTC has no more ideas of designing their handsets so they keep the mini and max similar to the one. 
Let's be honest, almost all devices look the same. One thing nice about HTC is the dual front speakers. Don't see that very often.
HTC's design for the One isn't that bad. If the phone had expandable storage than I'd probably consider buying one
+Scott M there is a first time for everything mate, I can say it again if you want. There is actually a video on my YouTube channel about what I hate about the HTC one
+Michael Watson The Maxx will have a removable back with expandable storage. That's what the shiny metal thing is on the left of the device.
With Micro Sd cards it's easier to swap out cards for music than having just 64GB of space, that can be used for apps. I have a large musuc library, so 64GB isn't going to cut it
+Carlo villarico as opposed to the entirely new designs Apple and Samsung have utilized over the past Ummmm 5 years? 
+Heather Warner with all due respect, look at an i9000 and an i9500 next to each other, they are very different, but you can see they are from the same manufacturer 
+Domenico james Lamberti I can agree minimal changes can be noted, but these are across different generations of models, +Carlo villarico commented referring to the same style being used for the line of flagship phones being launched THIS year. Overall the HTC One differs greatly from previously released devices, while other companies have opted to reuse the template that has worked for them thus far, and implementing slight changes to design.

How do you copy a file bigger than 4GB to an Android device with no SD card? Oh, you DON'T. Internal SD filesystem doesn't allow it. Until then, SD card is an important feature.
samsung that is keeping the same design +Heather Warner htc's gadgetst are beautiful. More personalized is #lumia beautiful gadget
That is going to be a big device. 5.9" screen and those large bezels should make it physically similar to the Z Ultra. No thank you.
no fingerprint scanner on the back as rumored then :/
I've been enjoying my HTC One for a few months now. I look forward to getting my hands on the HTC One Max. 
Just make it black please! Love the way this phone is made.
The HTC One is the best looking phone on the market. What phone comes second? I suppose the iPhone. Most everything else is plastic. 
Htc best company in the world. I love htc 
if power button is still on the top,htc will not be back
Seems there is no room for HTC Scribe pen ?
I miss my HTC Flyer, and the pen......

Holding my HTC Butterfly, waiting for HTC One Max.
+Miguel Angel I understand what you're saying but On a 4.7 inch screen. A 4gb + file isn't really necessary. On a tablet like the Nexus 10. Yeah definitely. But on our phones atm it doesbt give you that much of a benefit. 
Wonderful! Don't see what's ugly about the one series. Will surely dump cheap feeling sammy for it. Just serve me the dual sim version and you make my world
+Alex Wibowo I defiantly agree with you on the fact that the quality is horrid when zooming, but if you zoom quite a bit, then you might as well have the Lumia 1020.
+Michael Watson agree... my 32GB OneX cant even hold 1/4 of my music, let alone my apps. 64GB is still small for me. Plus this is a phablet so expect it to keep more HD vids.
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