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Apparently Google's smartwatch is being made by LG, and will launch at I/O.
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I'll still probably hold on to my Pebble, but that's only what I'm saying now... :P
Google now, notifications, fitness stuff, and apps is the way to go.
Yes ! Yes! Yes;
After owning a Nexus 5, I'm not particularly excited for any new LG anything. Especially a smartwatch.
W kylin
Wow they really didn't give a fuck about Moto
+@evleaks are you saving any juicier information for a time closer to I/O? I'd love to know if you've heard any news on what might happen with Android following it...? 
It's going to take a lot of support from google and the community to compete with the support and app profile on the Pebble.

Most likely it's going to end up on the list of Google's other forgotten projects like: Google Voice, Google Buzz, Google TV, Nexus Q, Google Currents, Google Reader, Google Wave, Google Notebook, Google Catalogs, Google Lively, Google Answers, Google SMS Answers (466453) , iGoogle, and Google Health.

You know, to name a couple... sigh
I started naming and I couldn't stop. lol

I can't see them putting in the effort it's going to take to keep the watch up and running for the long haul. 

Hopefully I'm wrong, as amazing as the Pebble is, it has it's shortcomings that the Galaxy Gear doesn't come close to fixing. The Nexus watch could be the answer
LG has had beta smartwatches for a while now. I bet the build quality on this thing is incredible! :)
I'm happy to hear that LG are rumoured to be involved but I'd be even happier to know that the WIMM guys influence was there on design. Of all the smart watches I've yet seen they got it over and above everyone else.
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